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Recall the last time you purchased a cold drink in the Super Store. You located the cold drinks' refrigerator, examined the various drinks, selected a certain one, and paid for it at the cashier's counter on your way out. All this seems to be a normal and everyday sort of event. However, upon closer examination, there are host of questions that are raised by this everyday behavior. What made you purchase this drink in particular? How did you first become aware of the chosen brand: through commercial advertisements on television, through your friends, or at the point of decision in the Super Store? How did you develop a positive evaluation of this brand: was it the price or something else? Has this brand been recommended in the media by one of your favorite celebrities? Does this brand have something unique which makes it stand out from the others competitors in the market?The answers to above questions bring attention to the topic of consumer behavior and the associated field called consumer psychology. Consumer psychology is the study of peoples' reaction to, and interactions with products and information related to those products. It is concerned with the mental processes that determine consumer motivation and behavior related to the act of buying a product. The psychology of consumer behavior uses psychological methods, and scientific tests to understand, analyze, measure, and predict consumer behavior. Processes that might be studied by consumer psychologists include a consumer's perception, memory, emotion, and motivation in relation to a sellable product. Simply, it is the scientific study of the behavior of consumers, which can be described as an individual who uses the products, goods, or services of some company.The study of consumer behavior and related applying techniques can benefit in understanding human mind and its decision making processes, but the main beneficiaries are the companies that produce the consumer products. The different techniques adopted by companies to increase their sale are all based on their most powerful tool called the advertisements.Study of consumer behavior begins from the very basic level of mind. Psychologists have always been trying to study, interpret and somewhat, control human behavior. They study whatever a person does in response to some stimuli and learns accordingly. Watson, one of the most famous psychologists in the field of classical conditioning, once said "give me a dozen healthy infants, well formed and my own specified world to bring them up in and I'll guarantee to take anyone at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select" (David G Myers). Psychologists have devised methods to modify human behavior, and the same technique has been used to modify consumer behavior by the retail companies.Consumer psychologists study the consumer behavior, the way consumer feels about particular products, how he makes his decisions about such products, and how the consumers'...

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1077 words - 5 pages attitude change. Annual review of psychology, 62:391-417. De Mooij, M. 2011. Consumer behavior and culture: consequences of global marketing and advertising. 2nd ed. California. USA: Sage Publications. Durante, K.M., Griskevicius, V., Hill, S.E., Perilloux, C., Li, N.P. 2011. Choice: hormonal influences on consumer behaviour. Journal of consumer research, 37(6):921-934. Lin, L.Y. 2010. The relationship of consumer personality trait

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2514 words - 11 pages - consciousness on the relation between brand label and brand preference. Journal of Applied Psychology, 78(5), 857-861. doi:10.1037/0021-9010.78.5.857 Chu, C., Liao, S., & Yung, S. (2009, May). The effects of sales promotion strategy, product appeal and consumer traits on reminder impulse buying behavior. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 33(3), 274-284. Fitzmaurice, J., & Comegys, C. (2006, fall). Materialism and social consumption. Journal of

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1281 words - 5 pages . Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 53 (1), p.753. Cravens. W.D., Nigel. F. P. 2002. Strategic Marketing. 8th. Chicago: McGraw-Hill Companies. Fowler, F.J. Jr., 2002, Survey Research Methods, 4th Sage, Prentice-Hall. Grier, S.A. and Houston, H. R., 2004. Exploring the Complex Relationship between Consumer Identities, Motivation, and Health-Related Behaviors. Advances in Consumer Research, 31(1), pp. 459-461. Huang, Y.A.; Phuan, I

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