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Customer Relations Analysis

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Customer Relations Analysis

When I first met Mike, I immediately knew he was a professional. He was cool, calm, and collected. He had been working for DuPont for many years and knew how to sell that Chemical. He came and talked to my plant science class a couple weeks earlier before my SWAS. After he talked to us I thought, “I am really interested in what he had to say, why don’t I ask him if I can go on a SWAS.” On February 7, 2014, at 8:00 a.m. I headed to Edmond Oklahoma, to meet with Mike. When I first arrived at his house, he was on a conference call with several people in Oklahoma and many from many different other states. They were listening to a researcher from DuPont talk about ...view middle of the document...

Upon arriving on the property there were three large chemical tanks that had the pioneer emblem painted on them. Pioneer is a partner of DuPont. Seeing that big emblem I knew the people we were about to meet with had to be a big time customer, to have that on their tanks.
Starting out first with this customer, during the day, Mike was prioritizing business with these people. He could have gone to someone else first but chose this person because of how much business he gets from them. When we walked in their headquarters, I was greeted by J.D. the agronomist, Tanner the owner and Matt the economist. After about 5 minutes of friendly conversation it was time to get down to business. They started asking Mike question about chemicals they could apply to canola, wheat and alfalfa. Spring was right around the corner and weeds, bugs and rust were about to start to come about. J.D. asked Mike questions about what the application rate should be for some chemicals, about the new chemicals that are coming out this year, and what was going off the market. Escott would be considered a business buyer. They liked full service and were comparing prices between Helena and Pioneer.
Mike is a professional in his field and was very knowledgeable never missing a beat. With having the conference call that morning Mike was able to tell J.D. what DuPont was seeing in their field trials and making recommendations from there. Matthew the economist asked Mike questions on how much the chemical cost and was doing math to see if they could make it reasonable for the farmers they were servicing to apply. Tanner would ask Mike when chemical were going off the market and if he could buy them while he still had some in stock. The deadline was March 1st for many and Tanner was going to talk to some growers to see if they would consider applying. Mike said he would follow up too see what they need well before the deadline. Mike asked J.D. how the Alfalfa was doing that Braums recently planted, and what chemicals he was going to use this spring. J.D. said that they had seen a major increase in the tonnage of some alfalfa by stopping bugs and pests. Mike told J.D. he would give him some a new chemical that was out on the market if he would be willing to put it on one of his crop circles as an experiment. Agreeing to, J.D. asked what the proper rate would be and when to apply the chemical. Before we walked out the door Tanner asked Mike if he would be willing to speak at a producers meeting they were going to put...

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