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Customer Relationship Manager (Crm) Essay

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In order for businesses to grow and maintain the relationships that they have with their customers, CRM software is essential. CRM systems specialize in their ability to help market to customers, track leads, sell products and services, manage opportunities, and track customer interactions. Today many systems offer some type of social media integration, as well as analytics that can highlight trends. “Customer relationship management (CRM) systems connect a company’s ERP system to those of its customers. CRM systems provide companies with capabilities to manage marketing, sales, and service for its customers.” (Magal, 2009) There are many versions of CRM software that companies use, ...view middle of the document...

Despite not having a system that has been built up as much as its competitors, “Oracle has a sizable slice of the CRM market — around 11.1 percent, with just over $2 billion in 2012 sales, says Gartner”. (Blattberg, 2014)

One example of a company utilizing to improve their organization is Cannon. With the deployment of Sales Cloud, and Chatter, Cannon was able to reach customers in ways that were not able to in the past 75 years. “With Salesforce, Canon can capture customer activity, while avoiding overlap—and managers and peers can view complete customer information and get key insights to what's happening on the front lines. In addition to being able to find everything they need in one place, sales reps can provide updates on customer engagements to supervisors from the field—in real time.” (Salesforce, n.d.). This gave them a handle on new opportunities and more efficient ways to track customer interactions by their sales team.

In addition, Cannon utilizes the service Chatter to collaborate with employees to share ideas and insure that everyone is aligned with their customers. The ability to connect instantly...

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