Customer's Cycle Of Involvement Essay

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Cycle of involvement - involvement of customer with the product and defining therequirements of the product. It involves requirements, acquisition, usage, maintainace and retirementWhen we talk about the requirements of the product, the customer is looking for what is suitable for him. The company must be able to attain what the customer is looking for and to match their expectations. For example cars, the customer will define what are they looking for and hopefully the seller of the car will be able to meet the standards or the expectations of the customer. Some customers are well off when they see that the company was able to get the right spot for them.Acquisition involves the process of acquiring and purchasing the product that the customer wants. The customer here wants to see if the product that they want is available right there and then so that there will be no hassle for them to go back if the product is not yet available. In acquisition of cars, well, it takes time for the customer to have it in their own hands because there is also shipment involved. Most of the customers are willing to wait for their product to arrive because cars are not that easy to be transported.Customers also want to see if the usage of the product will fit them time and time again. It is where the product is being tested if it will guarantee maximum satisfaction the time the customer uses it. It is also a measure for the customer how well the product will fit them and how would be operated without the necessary help coming form the suppliers. Most likely, car owners manage to handle simple problems...

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