Customer Satisfaction And Awareness Of Apple Laptop

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Customer satisfaction and awareness of Apple laptop

In our project we are aiming to measure customer satisfaction and awareness of Apple note-book. Through the readings we found out this satisfaction arise from many factors, most of firms are not just aiming to have a satisfied customers but also to keep them satisfied and takes them to the next level which is loyalty, then we will look at how to measure this satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important issues for any business, if customers are satisfied they are more likely to purchase more and even recommend the company and its products to others.

Customer satisfaction could arise from either the quality of product, quality of service, engagement of customer, price factors & meeting or exceeding expectations in product or service. The level of customer satisfaction mainly determined by the quality of product and the service provided. Most important contributors to customer satisfaction are 1) product, its features, functions, reliability 2) customer support, and 3) sales activity. Therefore, a good customer satisfaction program should focus on building must-be quality and attractive quality in product and provide excellent customer service quality which involve technical and human behavioral aspect.

In today's high competition market companies are trying to have a safe position among competitors through the quality of the company which will affect the customer satisfaction. One of the main drivers behind the Swedish Customer Satisfaction Barometer (SCSB) and more recently the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Fornell is well positioned to offer interpretation about the importance of customer satisfaction. The simplicity of the results that the indices produce is what makes them so effortless for companies and organizations to use and act upon.

The effect of CRM Application on Customer Knowledge.

Tracking customer behavior to know the customer taste and needs is the motivation for firms to implement customer relationship management application. By organizing and using this information, firms can design and develop better products and services (Davenport, Harris, and Kohli 2001; Nambisan 2002).

Firms with a greater implementation of CRM are more likely to be familiar with the data management issues. And this familiarity gives firms a competitive advantage to customize offerings and respond to customer needs.

There are two mechanisms of customer relationship management applications to help firms to gather and use customer knowledge. Firstly, customer relationship management allows customers to contact employees and record customer transaction, then convert this information into customer knowledge. Secondly, firms can share their accumulated customer knowledge with customers to enable those customers to serve themselves by defining the service and its delivery to suit their needs (Prahalad, Ramaswamy, and Krishnan 2000).


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