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Customer Service Business Intermediate Unit 5

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Aims & Objectives: The aim of this essay is to produce a portfolio based on information I have collected on customer service of a chosen business of mine.Why Customer are importantSainsburys recognizes that to attract and keep cutovers they have to offer more than just fresh food. Certain incentives that Sainsburys uses to name a few are discount of many items, sainsburys own cheaper food brand and customer discount gift offer swipe point cards.Gaining customer satisfaction and loyalty is very important this is why sainsburys continually try in keep in contact with their regurlay visitors. They do this mostly by phone and post, during these conversations the company representatives offers loyal customers special exclusive.Customers are the most important part of Sainsburys without customers, there would not be a business! They must be given the highest standards of service so that they come back again and also tell their friends about the good time they had. Excellent customer service brings a number of commercial benefits for leisure and recreation organizations, such as:Increased salesMore customersA better public imageAn edge over the competitionA happier and more efficient workforceSatisfied customersCustomer loyalty and repeat businessPersonal presentationFirst impressions count, particularly in the food industry as dealing with people is such an important part of the work. You need to understand that the way you present yourself to customers has a direct influence on their enjoyment, your job satisfaction and the future success of the organization that employs you. In particular, you need to understand the importance of the following when dealing with customers:DressPersonal hygienePersonalityAttitudeThese points are important whether dealing with customers face to face, over the telephone or in writing.Types of customersSainsburys food supplying services are used by people of all ages, types and nationalities, including those with specific needs, such as people with disabilities or with young children. To provide excellent customer service, employess need to identify and meet the differing needs of a wide variety of customers, such as:IndividualsGroupsPeople of different agesPeople from different culturesNon-English speakersPeople with specific needs, for example, those needing wheelchair access, people with sensory disabilities and people with young children.Excellent customer service must be provided for all customers so it is important that, in addition to being able to identify their service needs, Sainsburys are able to communicate effectively and confidently this utilizes techniques to enhance their satisfaction. Employees are also aware of the main aspects of legislation and guidelines covering customers service for people with disabilities or specific needs such as The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the National Tourism Strategy.Dealing with customersMost people working in Sainsburys have to deal with customers...

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