Consumers Choice On Infants Milk Among Mothers In Saint Jude, Nha, San Isidro Buhangin Area

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Background of the Study
This study will be the guide for mothers to choose the right infant’s milk with the right nutrition for their infants. We can also know in this study what is the reason why mothers give their child a formula milk instead of their own breast milk.
According to (Matusiak, 2008) of Sub-Saharan Africa the infant feeding practices of society has generated much debate all over the world. The debate is all about in what to give to their children at what time and for what duration. Infants are fed with breast-milk and complementary foods. Mothers today are choosing between breastfeed or giving their children a formula milk. Modern times don’t have effective alternative to human milk providing an infant nutrition. The decision of mothers in what infant feeding practice to adopt is influenced by a wide range of factors.
In the Philippines, they experience the Milk Code that determines the policy costs and risks for the benefits that describe the corporate marketing strategies for the substitution of breast milk. The study found out that the information based challenge was to resolve the multi-dimensional issues of health that cannot be overcome without questions in regard to the legitimacy process in judicial itself. The study notes the catalytic potential of a judicial decision in opening up vital policy space for future renegotiations among rival parties and interests. Third-party intervention is explored relative to this catalytic function. (Mendoza,2012).
Chapter 2

Presented in this chapter are the research design, research subjects, research instruments, data gathering, questionnaire, and the statistical treatment of data.
Research Design
The researchers used the descriptive method in securing date to come up with accurate result of the study. Descriptive research design help to provide answers and it is used to acquire information pertain the actual status of the phenomena. According to Focus Pointe Global , 2012 designing a research study it starts with deciding the method of the research. The marketers and researchers they first defined the type of information requested before they start the process of collecting information and then the marketers and researchers choose if they want to have respondents to answer the questions of who, what , when and how.
Research Subjects
The respondents were thirty (30) mothers who used infant’s milk. These mothers are presiding in NHA, San Isidro &St. Jude, Buhangin, Davao City.
Research Instruments
The instrument used in this study is a questionnaire, which was validated by the experts. The first part of the questionnaire is the profile of the respondents which reflects the Age, Work, Status, Purok and Variety. The second part of

Chapter 3
This chapter presents the data gathered from the survey, the analysis and interpretation. The data was presented, analyzed and interpreted in answer to the specific...


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