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Each country in the world has its own nationality and styles which represent for the people live in that region. There are various ways to distinguish people among countries, for examples, the customs in each country such as language, behaviors, etiquette, food and manner which are easy to recognize in daily life. Vietnam and New Zealand have some differences in culture and are the best example to choose as my comparison because of the foundation and the influences of western countries and America in the past to these countries. In this essay, I will compare the customs between Vietnam and New Zealand with regards to the language; greeting; the dining etiquette.
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Although English is spoken widely in New Zealand and is used in the courts, parliament, in the education system and by the public sector, Maori still plays an important role and designated as ‘official languages’ and have special status under the law (Human Rights Commission, n.d.). “However, Maori language has only been recognized as an official language of New Zealand since the Maori Language Act of 1987” (Kwintessential, n.d.). “Maori and English are used throughout the country and the number of words in each language has crossed in to the vocabulary of the other” (Kwintessential, n.d.).
Greeting is an important action to show our politeness when we meet someone on the street or at works. It cannot be missed in any countries or any situations because it is a routine of people. Vietnamese people really notice about the importance of greeting in normal life because it shows that the person is very polite and is educated well. The ways of greeting depend on who the person talking to us is; maybe the elderly, the younger person or the colleagues. In Vietnam, when we met other persons, saying hello and shake hands is the most common ways of greeting and goodbye either. Traditionally, Vietnamese younger people must greet the elderly first and they need to cross their hands in front of their chest. When addressing a person, use Mr. or Ms. or the title plus the first name, and it is normal if we call the first name in the first met (NC State University, n.d.). Sometimes, people greet by bowling slightly because it shows the respect to other persons. New Zealand’s ways of greeting are similar with Vietnam’s which often consist a handshake and a smile (Kwintessential, n.d.). In the first time, people usually call the others’ surname to express the respect and if the person suggest, you can call their first name as a more familiar level (Kwintessential, n.d.). In both countries, a slightly nod is acceptable as a polite greeting to other persons.
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