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Cut Down Essay

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The pain I felt knocked me to the hard surface beneath me. I entered into a state of disorientation and confusion due partly to the lack of blood and the over load of testosterone that was released into my system. Holding on for dear life to consciousness, I looked at my shaking hand. The blood ran rapid and red. I tried to hold pressure on the warm, tingly area on my hand but the loss of blood had made me weak. I couldn’t move. My eyes faced the sky as my head rolled back into serenity. I awoke in the hospital.The day had begun as well as I could have hoped. I woke to the ear-piercing sound of my alarm clock. I rolled off my bed to make it reachable and clicked the snooze button located on the top. I woke up five minutes later to the same sound that had ruined my peaceful REM sleep earlier that morning. I picked my young, tired body off of the floor and walked to the kitchen to have my usual breakfast.I poured the delicious Fruity Pebbles into the glass bowl, pouring milk over the sugar crystallized pebbles I heard them expand with a soft popping. Oh was it delicious, I can still remember the sugary goodness being consumed by my half-awake state. Coming to the end of the pebbles, I gently tipped the bowl vertically pressed against my face to wash it all down with the remaining milk and walked back to my room to get ready for work.I was the young age of 13 at this time already working 15-16 hours a day, three days in a row at The Gorge Amphitheatre. This was the final day of the three day concert and I was in cruise control. I could hardly keep my eyes open let alone concentrate on my job. My mother dropped me off at the landing preceding...

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