Cutrural And Social Impacts Of The Internet

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The internet is one of the world’s most innovative creation of recent times. The internet is able to connect billions of people living thousands of miles away to where they can almost feel a sense of closeness and fellowship. It has allowed education to skyrocket and businesses to increase profits. It has given people the opportunity to work and to be successful. However, everything costs a price; everything has a downfall. People argue that the internet has helped stopped the diversity of humanity, which can be a pro or con depending on which side of the fence you are on. The main questions at hand are, does the internet’s advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and is the internet causing a downfall in cultures and society?

People around the world have access to the internet. These people include nearly every religion and culture from nearly every country. With almost every nationality and culture having access to the internet, people are bound to mix beliefs and even lie about things they themselves or people they know believe in. Does this hurt the foundation of people’s cultures? If you use the internet often then you are most likely aware of various debates of beliefs that occur across the web. Due to these strifes, people form uneducated and often biased opinions for people they disagree with, rather it be religion, cultural, or political beliefs. Is this fair to anyone? Too often people have filled themselves with hatred or disgust because of people’s comments of their beliefs or ways of life. It occurs everyday, everywhere. With the internet bringing billions of people together and thousands if not millions of ways of life together, you could say the internet has escalated the issue exponentially. Then again you could argue that because of this intimacy with differing beliefs, we as humans are drawing closer to a united and accepting world. Are we ready for this huge change of life? Can we handle it?

Let us take a look at some of the advantages of the World Wide Web. As part of the democratic world, we are used to freedom of speech and beliefs. We like being opinionated and at the same time we enjoy being critical of those we disagree with. Some people like taking a more kind approach to things, such as understanding and explaining their reasons for believing as they do. Some like to inform the naive of situations and world events, yet some like to lie and steal. The general idea of being able to express and share various degrees of beliefs is a good idea. However it is not always acted out according to how it was intended. The ability to share beliefs and ideas is typically a good thing for the world. New ideas can sprout advances, and differing beliefs can change people for the good. It is not a perfect world therefore we can not have an internet filled with love and positive criticism, but at the same time we are allowing people to inform themselves on beliefs instead of the typical passing of verbal...

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