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CUTTING CLASS Cutting class in high school has many drawbacks. Students in high school need to realize that a good education is very important for many different aspects of their lives. A high school education has a very high impact on a student's future. First of all, high school students need to realize that attending class is very important for a good education. When students decide not to attend class, they are very much jeopardizing their learning process. The students begin to lose the lessons learned each day in class. Also, they miss out on the fun activities that actually coincide with learning in a classroom setting. For example, when I cut class, I missed out on a lot of different group activities. I didn't get to share personal experiences with other students that might have been rather enjoyable. Another very important reason for not cutting class has to do with responsibility. When a student cuts class, he/she can sometimes develop a negative sense of responsibility. Often a student becomes uncaring about many things. For instance, I began to care less about my family's feelings, my grades, and myself. Speaking of grades, it is almost certain that a student's grades will go down when he/she does not attend class on a regular basis. One reason is because it is harder to understand a subject in full depth when a student cuts class. Also, it is very easy to fall behind. When a...

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737 words - 3 pages simple ways to complete this hard task would be cutting down on class sizes, having longer school hours and longer class periods, and equipping every student with a tutor if he or she need extra help. With the cutting down of class sizes children with learning disorders will have a much easier time concentrating and less time chatting with fellow students. During my middle school days I had the disorder called "ADD", also known as attention