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Cuture Comparison: Indian And Chinese Cultures

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There are several different cultures and traditions in the world. While some vary widely, others can be quite similar. The comparison between two cultures can be very eye-opening, letting you see the different lifestyles, behaviors, and customs of each. Both Indian and Chinese life, although having many differences, are surprisingly similar in some areas. At a distance they seem to be stark contrasts , but when upon examining them closer you see that they have many correlative things. Especially their family life, daily life and economy.

While being somewhat similar, family life in India and China is probably has the most unlikeness'. Firstly, marriage, having some comparable links between the two, is dealt with quite differently. An Indian family will usually advertise in the news paper for a spouse for their daughter or son, proving strict details of who they want the spouse to be. It is not uncommon to find multiple pages of these advertisements in an Indian newspaper. In China, however, arranged marriage is no longer that common, and is very rare. Both in India and in China the new wife will move in with her husband's family and take over running the household from her mother-in-law. The make-up of a family is another element that is notably different. In China, due to overpopulation, the government made it so that spouses can only have 1 or 2 children maximum. Most families prefer to have male children, and as a result, many girls or children with disabilities are aborted, placed in orphanages, or abandoned. Whereas in India, families tend to be larger and have many kids. Unfortunately though, a great many families, especially in the cities can not afford to feed their children and some end up abandoning them.

Another point of contrast between these two cultures is their everyday lives. Although their lifestyles can somewhat correspond with the others, there are still various distinctions. City life in China is like that of any major city, But living conditions are crowded, and many times forcing several families to live in 1 apartment. Even with the overpopulation in the cities, 70%...

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