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Love And Sex In The Tale Of Cupid And Psyche

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The concept of love and sex is hard to ascertain consciously. "Sex is a function of love. Love is a function of sex, and lust is only a function of sex." Many researchers think that love is nothing but a chemical drive within the brain, very similar to the drive for sex. If it were true, all these effusive feelings would be nothing more than a breeze up the leg. Greek and Roman mythology are based on themes that depict human nature which can be true or fictitious; myths, in a sense, are the "highest reality." Most stories of the myth have its root in love and sex. Love between two people can be said to happen due to erotic desire or because of actual love.
Although sex and love seems inextricably linked, our brain distinguishes between the two. Dr. Helen Fisher, anthropologist, believes that the initial purpose of reproduction influenced the evolution of love. According to her, love consists of three functions. Sex drive, the first function, is intended to keep sexes interested in each other for long enough. Romantic love is to love one person at a time. It is the root of the beginnings of family. The third is attachment or as we say "true love." True love ensures the happiness of the couples, gives their offspring the best chance for survival. The Greek and Roman mythology has stories that represent true love where sex isn’t important at all. The tale of Cupid and Psyche describes the overcoming of obstacles to their love, and their ultimate union.
Psyche was the most beautiful of the three daughters of an unnamed king. People admired her beauty that angered goddess Venus. The god of Love, Cupid, fell in love with her. Following the oracle from Apollo, Psyche met Cupid at night, in the dark and fell in love. Though she never saw him, she lived happily with him. However, manipulated by her sisters, she turned on a lamp one night as her husband lied next to her and she found the beautiful Cupid asleep on her bed. Cupid woke up and abandoned her as she didn’t trust him. Psyche searched for Cupid everywhere. At the end, she went to Venus who assigned her tasks that were impossible for any mortal. But Psyche was able to complete all the tasks. However, Venus wasn't happy with her still. So she sent her to underworld to have Persephone put some of her beauty in a box. Psyche succeeded in this one too. On her way, Psyche opened the box and instantly fell asleep. Cupid found her sleeping. He awoke her and brought her to Zeus to request her immortality. Zeus granted the...

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