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RSA Security LLC, is an American computer and network security company, and is a division of EMC Corporation. RSA is an independent company named after its co-founders Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Len Adleman. The company’s headquarters is located in Bedford, Masachusetts, United States of America. Encryption and network SecurID Authentication tokens are its major products.
In mid March 2011, spear phishing attack exploited an Adobe Flash vulnerability that was not patched at the time, and is considered as one of the worst attacks in 21st century. The RSA immediately reported that information stolen ...view middle of the document...

RSA didn’t support cause by being vague about the attacker and the data that was stolen. RSA resulted in the compromise and the disclosure of the information. The compromised information is related to some factors which would potentially impact the integrity of SecureID system. They have a free re-issued SecureID cards to all of its customers. The exact compromise happened can be understood by having knowledge on SecureID operations. Immediately, L3Communications has been attacked as a result of RSA compromise. This attack compromised systems at Google and hundred other companies.

After many researches and meetings, it has been confirmed that the attack is originated from China. The exact information on whether the case is active or not is unknown but the Department of Homeland Security worked with the RSA in investigation on the attack. RSA executive chairman Art Coviello, said company investigation believed that the attack is in the category of APT (Advanced Persistent Threat). The Government and Business collaborate in handling/addressing the vulnerabilities. The status of incident is active according to 2012, but is unknown regarding the court case. All the SecurID tokens are re-issued to all the member holders and informed to strengthen their SecurID implementations. However, RSA cannot exactly state what the hackers were able to learn off the company network but confirmed that they know exactly what...

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