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We humans live in a corrupt society. There are many things that make life hard to live through. For example, your job, school, or even little things make life hard. One of the things that make human life hard to live though are other humans. We are constantly being harmed by our peers in harmful ways. It's called bullying and it is completely wrong. From the beginning of time people have been bullied one way or another. This includes physical and verbal bullying. However as we progress through time we humans are finding new ways to bully others. One new way that we have decided to hurt others is called cyber buying.
Cyber bullying is when you harass a person through the internet. Cyber ...view middle of the document...

For example, if you stole a thing from the bully you can give it back and most likely they will stop bullying you. In other occasions having a third person to talk out things between the two of you will sometimes work. This third person can be a trusted friend or a counselor.
If you what ever reason you are unable to find the cyber bully or they are not willing to comply, you still have a chance to stop cyber-bullying. If a person in bullying you online they are violating the terms of service when they created a social media account. The terms of service are rules that you must follow when using a specific web site. By law, all websites are required to have a rule against bullying. This implies that a person can not harass another person by using the site. There are consequences for breaking the terms of service. However, most victims choose not to report the bully because they fear of being bullied even harder after. If they are bullying you using a social media site, you can also choose to block the person and ignore them.
Another method to stop cyber bullying is to never give out your private information. Never give out personal information to anyone that might be used against you. This includes embarrassing facts about you. These are things like, you have a body flaw or a time that you did something humiliating. If you give this information to a close and trusted friend they can turn the other way around. When they do turn the other way, they will use this information you gave them against you. Since we are in a new age that consist of advance technology, they can give out this embarrassing information online. When this information reaches the internet, it is hard to delete it because all information uploaded to the internet is recorded and can be retrieved. Also you are never supposed to give out passwords. If you give out the password to a person they can also hack into your Facebook account and post humiliating stuff about...

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