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Cyber Bullying Is Dangerous To Teenagers

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Many authorities have tried to alleviate this problem by improving more regulation online, but it is nearly impossible to control everything people do online. Because cyber bullying can happen anywhere on the web, it is extremely difficult for authorities to catch every single bully. However, there are many different solutions to go about cyber bullying. An astounding 160,000 children miss school everyday because they are afraid of being bullied. Due to the significant amount of children being bullied everyday, the cyber bullying hotline offers many solutions to limit online harassment such as building a fun, interactive activities online, encourage students to report cyber bullying, and increase awareness in every community (Langhorst 2012). The cyber bully hotline’s goal is to limit cyber bullying because it is especially dangerous to teenagers. Without much strict regulation online, cyber bullying hotline wants to spread ...view middle of the document...

Organizations such as Cyber Bullying 411, and Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), educate teachers, law enforcers, and children about the danger of online harassment. They provide many resources for children to access such as different projects designed to help educate people about cyber bullying (PureSight). There are more nonprofit organizations that want to spread cyber bullying awareness to every household because children are greatly affected by this problem. Not only children, but parents and teachers are also involved in the resources provided by these organizations. Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) examine this social problem as harmful because adults, especially parents are unaware of cyber bullying among their children. This organizations also mentioned that it is difficult for people to regulate online safety. Therefore, FOSI, main objective is to work towards online safety for both children and parents. Spreading awareness and education through educational press conferences help people identify cyber bullying. FOSI has many successful web partnership members such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Verizon, and Times Warner Bros that support FOSI’s plans of increasing online safety. However, big web corporation can not control every situations that are online which is still one of the biggest barrier for FOSI. But with enough education, research, and awareness, FOSI hopes to limit online harassment because it is dangerous in our society
Today, cyber bullying is one of the unknown social problem that our society does not prioritize as compared to overlooked society issues. Cyber bullying is commonly left unreported which lead to a lot of uncontrollable cases. Because of the unawareness of cyber bullying, people does not believe online harassment is a true threat as compared to drug trafficking or even murder. However, this social problem has proved that it is just as dangerous as any other crimes because it affects children mental, physical, and social well being. Also, the fact that cyber bullying have no strict regulations, online users are continueing igniting the problem by inflicting fear to other online users.

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