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Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. There has been lots of controversy as to whether the problem has gotten so bad that laws should be put in place to protect teens. Although there are benefits to cyber bullying laws such as they can be coupled with other types of bullying prevention and anti-Bullying measures in schools have worked, drawbacks would be that they are costly to enforcers and offenders and some constitutional issues.

One benefit of cyber bullying laws would be that they can be coupled with other types of bullying prevention. This means that”incidents of cyber bullying is to take preventative measures.”(The Scarlet Scrolls pg.1) An example is that schools could make groups of enforcers to stop any bullying in school. Enforcers could be there for any student that needs help; they could help by moving students that are being bullied by others away from them. Bullies could be put in other classes or they could get in trouble and be sent to the principal's office so they could have a small meeting.

One of the drawbacks is that anti-bullying laws have constitutional issues. An example is when cyber bullying is happening and the person that is being bullied goes to school and reports them; the bullies get in trouble at school when they didn’t do anything there. If It’s on any social media and someone is making fun, calling you names, or saying bad comments, they shouldn’t be getting in trouble in school. The parent’s of the victim should go talk to the bullies parent’s, and they should arrange something. school’s should not get involved if it was not happening on their property. “ Two 14-year-old indian girl’s , were expelled after talking about killing classmates on Facebook.” (The Scarlet Scroll pg.2) This should go to the police because they are threatening, so school should not have gotten involved and expelled the girls.

The second benefit is that past anti-bullying measures in...

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