Cyber Bullying: Old Problem In New Age Packaging: (Cybercrime)

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(Abstract)As the physical, social, economic, political, and intellectual barriers of our planet continue to crumble into utter oblivion, new sets of challenges, pitfalls, and problems envelop the children of the next generation head-on. "Generation Next", the tech-savvy, super-sharp products of the Baby Boomers', have been exposed to innovations, technology, and mass information on a super scale. Taking these facts into careful account, we must consider that with more technical inventions, informational resources, and free access to the global village, via the Internet, brings with it an awesome responsibility and hefty social price tag. Hearing the excited and playfully innocent voices of ...view middle of the document...

A bright and fulfilling future lies within our hands; as long as the United States continues to enact laws that reflect the ever changing face of computer technology.Cyber-bullying: Old Problem in New-Age PackagingCybercrime is sort of a sick anomaly; due to the fact that it is so closely associated with the information super-highway. Cyber-bullying is just one of the multi-faceted crimes that are associated with the worldwide web. This crime is really no different than being bullied on a schoolyard playground growing up, (unless you were the bully.) The stark contrast here is that the playground is global; not just isolated to local schools or communities. One cybercrime that ended very tragically involved the crime of, "Sexting", (sending semi-nude or nude pictures of another person by cell-phone or other handheld device without their knowledge or consent.) (PC's N Dreams: Internet Predator Protection Since 2002 (2009)Jessica Logan, age 18, was vehemently harassed by her peers after classmates at her Ohio community high school received nude photos of her on their cell phones from her ex-boyfriend; shortly following their breakup. Due to the ever mounting harassment from her former classmates after graduating from high school and going on national television to warn others of the dangers of, "Sexting", Jessica took her own life by hanging herself in her bedroom. (Lemondrop: Sweet. Tasty. Tart. (2008). Teen Commits Suicide - Is Texting to Blame? Mc Combs, Emily, March, 06, 2009)Needless to say, this utterly senseless crime had lasting effects on this Ohio community; as well as nationwide impact. This incident is in no way isolated either. According to PC's N Dreams official website, 20% of all teenage children have openly admitted to posting or sending nude pictures of themselves; via cell phone or the World Wide Web. According to the same site, an equally shocking 48% of teenagers have reported receiving semi-nude or fully-nude images by computer or cell phone. (PC's N Dreams: Internet Predator Protection Since 2002.) (2009)These startling statistics alone should be more than enough proof to show that there indeed is a slowly simmering problem with how children are utilizing the technology that has been entrusted to their hands.Now examine some preventative measures that can and should be taken in to curb the ever growing occurrences of cyber-bullying; mainly in the United States. The Seattle Washington Public Schools District just recently launched an aggressive campaign to effectively address the broad and far reaching problems of cyber-bullying.Some of the main features of this very vital piece of legislation include but certainly is not limited to:1. There is a full Teacher's Manual so that educators who are not completely comfortable with new communications technologies can successfully implement the materials.2. The materials are built with WA State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) and ISTE NETS standards in mind.3. It...

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