Cyber Crime And Its Use In Modern Times University Assigment

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Assessment 2
“Every step you take,
Every click you make,
I’ll be watching you...
Oh, can't you see? You belong to me...”
~ With apologies to Sting and the Police
the electronics devices that we use will betray us, this is a lesson that as human being we have to learn in the hard way. Every time that we use an electronic device we leave a trail of evidences that are saved as 1s and 0s our “footprints”.
Emails, text messages are one of the footprints that we leave this are transactions that are recorded instantly. As citizens we use a lot electronic devices and we are drawing on electronically stored information and this keeps increasing every year.
“The digital universe will reach 1.2 million petabytes in 2010.that is up by 62% from 2009.”
One petabyte is equivalent to: 1015 bytes , four-drawer filing cabinets filled data.
Our dependence in the digital devices has an impact in may occupations and one of the is the legal system, every day there is a case in court that involves technology use to commit a crime (national crime agency, 2016). All this new evidences present a challenge to the legal system. For that same reason there are four principles that have to be followed to collect and exanimate the digital evidences. The digital evidences are different from the paper documents and cannot be handled in the same way.
Even though forensic science has been in the word for quite some year, digital forensics still a new and is finding its way with other disciplines. digital forensic can’t been understood if you don’t get your hands dirty and it all stars with the binary language that not only show us how the computer works and were the data is stored(cloud).
The cloud is where all the date is stored in a complex environment and could be located any were in the world. This creates a problem with deleting information from the electronic devices because they will be impossible to recover and in that situation the legal system will be a nightmare because the company of the network will not provide you the information need because there privacy policy.
Cybercrime ‘are criminals acts implemented through use of computer or other form of electronic communication’ (Anderson & Gardner, 2015). Cybercrime are classified in mainly two categories one in were the crime cannot be committed in any other way or against a specific victim. An example of using the computer to commit the crime will be when another computer is the target or offence i.e. unauthorised access to system, planning viruses, in some cases criminal offences may enclose both categories i.e. terrorism can involve qualitatively new offend done by high technology or alternatively they may use cyberspace to plan the crime.
There are some procedures that they have to be followed when an electronic device is found in a crime scene that is been used to commit a cybercrime. This is called the four principles of Computer based electronic evidence that proves that nothing was added, alternated or...

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