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Cyber Crime Is A Serious Problem Essay

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Millions of people around the world use computers and the internet every day. We all use it in school, work even at home, computers have made us life easier, it has brought so many benefits to the society but it has also brought some problems and cybercrimes is one of them. “The times have really changed,” said Greg Garcia, the department’s assistant secretary for cyber security and communications. “We’re seeing now phishing, farming, botnets … war dialing and domain server spoofing. And we’re seeing coordinated cyber-attacks against nation states.” (Fowler 5) Cybercrime is one of the most prevalent and most popular rising crimes being committed today. This is criminal activity done using computers and the Internet. There are millions victims around the world everyday who face these problems. Most people become victims of these at one time or another, but there are ways to avoid or deal with cybercrime by protecting yourself appropriately. I also was one of those victims who faced a similar problem. This unfortunate truth forces me to understand that computers and the Internet have made our lives easier in many ways. However, it is unfortunate that people also use these technologies to take advantage of others through identity theft, hacking attempts, and malicious use of software.

To be able to understand cybercrimes we need to know where it started. It all started with the birth of the internet. In the late 1960s, one of the authors (HMD) was a graduate student at MIT. His research at MIT’s project MAC (now the Laboratory for computer – the home of the World Wide Web Consortium) was funded by APRA – the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense. Later on APRA proceeded to implement the APRANET, which eventually developed into today’s Internet. At the beginning Internet was limited to universities and research institutions later time the military began using the Internet. Eventually, the government decided to allow access to the Internet for commercial purposes; however it doesn’t stop there businesses rapidly realized that Internet can boost up their business where they provide better services for their clients. The result is that bandwidth on the Internet has increased tremendously and costs have decreased significantly. Now days we can’t imagine life without Internet because it makes our daily work easier. According to P.J. Deitel and H.M. Deitel “The Internet and the web are surely among humankind’s most profound creations” (Deitel 11). As the Internet increased access to increasing numbers of systems worldwide, criminals used unauthorized access to poorly protected systems for vandalism, political action and financial gain (Internet & World Wide Web : How to Program).

Identity theft via cybercrime is one of the fastest growing crimes in America, costing billions of dollars each year. Identity theft is a form of theft in which the targets are bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, social security numbers and...

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