Cyber Crimes Reflected Through Television Programs

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Cyber Crimes Reflected Through Television Programs
Cybercrimes are a culture which has facilitated technological criminal efforts to undermine government and private organizations in order to create disruption and panic on a large scale. Today’s television programming takes a series of intelligence type action roles, which prove the impact of post 9/11. Computer crimes have increased nationwide fears. The television series 24 is an action drama featuring a make believe personality known as Jack Bauer. During the show, Bauer has been frequently on the move to give- up various plots. (U.S. Department of State, National Strategy for Combating Terrorism, January 2001-2009).
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In relation to depict, 24’s illustration of computers being used as a weapon to commit crimes over the internet is accurate, like those scenes that involve computer system intrusion. Computer crimes are perpetrated against thousands of Americans daily. The retail giant Target experienced several major computer crimes during the Black Friday’s discounted sales promotions, when thousands of their customer’s personal and financial information were stolen via the internet using computers. This is just one of many crimes involving information processing systems and the internet. This single act in its entirety encompassed all of the cyber crimes addressed previously. Account holders will not incur any financial burden from the breach, but the financial institutions, or merchant who issued he card(s), acquire the cost amid situation like this (By CNNMoney Staff @CNNMoney December 19, 2013: 4:41 PM ET).
As technology changes every day, you can always expect many more new offenders, offenses, and victims simply based on the caliber of knowledge someone possesses, and by the role of the technology they are able to access. Computers can be used in the different ways to perpetrate these offenses. For instance, hackers use computers to infect the functions of a computer or a computer system by putting viruses into te network.. The cyber-criminal’s activities play an intricate role in economics, largely in the physical aspect, software costs are involved because of needed improvement constantly needed to combat new threats.
“In 2011, seventy two percent of data breach cases affected businesses with 100 employees or less” (American Bankers Association, The Small Business Guide to Corporate Account Takeover). Based on Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), females commit more than 50% of internet crimes, while males commit less than half, around 24% of the criminal’s ages range from 30 to39 years old. Computer Hacking Crimes falls fourth behind identity theft at 22%, non-delivery crimes are just under 20%, and miscellaneous frauds are at 7.4%. The economic effect of these crimes, range from $1000. 00 to $4999. 99. Georgia has identified approximately 3% of its perpetrators as a resident of the state that commit these crimes (FBI Statistics 2013).
The Federal Trade Commission issued a warning and alert to small business owners informing them...

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