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Cyber Criminals Essay

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Cyber Criminals
The link between technology and crime has always been fairly close. Criminals find new ways to commit crimes with the advances of technology, while law enforcement quickly utilizes this technology to counteract with cybercriminals. Over time technology advances and with it new behavior patterns form and it is certain that the crimes of today will be different tomorrow. The definition of a cybercrime is any crime that involves a computer or the manipulation of digital data. There are different classifications of cybercriminals such as: hackers, identity thieves, and high-tech criminals.
People that use a computer for discovery or devious intent are considered hackers. Though ...view middle of the document...

A threatening aspect of this crime is that the information that was stolen can be used in crime rings or even terrorist incidents. The misuse of these stolen identities can be put under two categories, new account fraud and existing account fraud. The use of a person’s personal data, such as home address or Social Security number, to create new accounts in the victim’s name and make changes then eventually disappearing is called new account fraud. The acquirement of a victim’s account information involving banking, credit, utility accounts or brokerage is known as existing account fraud. Unfortunately even if identity thieves are caught the information they stole and the damages they cause are too great and the victim has to pay for it.
To obtain computerized information illegally from databases, high-tech criminals go through different routes. One route is by direct access, which an office worker or corporate spy violates positions of trust and use the otherwise legitimate work entry to steal information from the company computer. Exotic...

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