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Cyber Security Essay

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In today’s world technology has evolved to the point where a large amount of information is stored in cyberspace. It is because of this type of storage people around the world have an easier time at accessing information than ever before. The time before the late 20th century gathering information was long and tedious to get a book that the library did not own would take at least a couple of weeks depending on the time period or it may not have been possible to obtain that book. But now people can access a vast amount of information in a matter of minutes. Example, in modern times if someone wanted to know about a different culture they could simple look up the information on a computer or any device that had access to internet. People can also store sensitive information in cyberspace data such as finances, personal or informative. Cyberspace is capable of holding a whole history of one person’s financial records and that person can simply access this entire history with a few clicks and passwords. An ability like this is only possible in cyberspace and data that is more sensitive and essential to society, governments and people are often stored there. In cyberspace, despite the lowered chance of information being stolen there are still dangers people should have some knowledge about in order defend themselves. Cyber terrorism is one of the major treat to all sensitive information in cyberspace. Cyber terrorism can be defined as the use of computers and technology to cause server disruption or widespread fear in society. Through cyber terrorism data that is sensitive to major corporation and government alike are in danger of being hacked then used against them. Cyber security helps defend against cyber-attacks by tracking the attackers back to the source and hacking them. This way security can gain access to their files to help locate their position and arrest them. However the threat of cyber terrorism is still growing. In order to eliminate the threat of cyber terrorism the government needs to hire more people who are trained in cyber security.
Cyber Terrorism
Cyber terrorism is a major threat that goes unannounced to the American public that must be addressed. Imagine if you were an employee of a large credit card corporation such as Visa or MasterCard. You can make up to $90,000 a year but all of a sudden your bank account was $0.00 along with all your coworkers, bosses and the company stock dropped to zero. There would be panic, chaos and disorder due to everyone losing their money. The culprit of such a chaotic situation was a result of a cyber-attack by a hacker. The cyber attacker hacked into the system and caused the databases to transfer all of the money into some bank accounts elsewhere. This is just one example of cyber terrorism and all the damage it is can do to people lives. Businesses corporations are usually not targets of terrorism, but government databases usually are targeted. Cyber terrorist often try to hack...

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