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What Is Cyber Security? Essay

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What is Cyber Security? Cyber Security can be defined as “measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the internet) against unauthorized access or attack”. (Bullock 283). In other words, an attempt by individuals to protect their personal information and other digital resources from attacks from the cyber world. Why is Cyber Security important? Cyber security was created because of the sensitive information that is frequently stored on computers that are attached to the Internet. Many tasks that were once done by hand are now done out through the use of a computer. Our increased reliance on computers and the massive amount of sensitive information stored on networks, the operation of cyber security programs is required to effectively block hazardous or predatory cyber-attacks and any acts of identity theft. This papers purpose is to inform and help with ways to prevent individuals from becoming targets of cybercrime.
As of today, many members of society have become very dependent on the use of technology. We rely on the Internet for banking, buying things, and staying in touch. Businesses rely on their networks for interacting with clients, processing transactions, reaching new markets. Transportation, financial, energy, and communications systems, as well as our government and military, rely heavily on computer networks to function. This is how you get your electricity, your Social Security check, and your veterans benefits. The use of computers and the networks related to them has developed problems concerning cyber security. Cyber security is an important issue to be considered if people want protection from malicious people and software coming from the internet. Cybercrime primarily are individuals who seek personal gain and most computer network threats come from the internet and these are usually international and are developed by people with bad intentions.
With the abundant use of the internet, everyone has to make sure that what they have on any of their networks is secure. By doing this one must take action and protect the networks from being hacked. Ways to avoid computer hacking are listed: make sure your website on good secure coding principles, check that your web server software and any other software that is being used is up to date, when using personal information, credit cards or other sensitive data, that the web traffic is encrypted using Secure Socket Layers. Many should also scan and check the website to look for any unexpected nasty malicious content. Last, always insure that frequent backups are done just in case of an event of attack the system can be restored. Following these recommended steps would make it that the user is less vulnerable to this form of terrorism.
“Cyber terrorism is the newest of all terrorist attack methods, and it is defined as the use or destruction of computing or information technology resources aimed at harming, coercing, or intimidating others in order to achieve a...

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