Cyber Security In The Millitary Essay

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We as Americans tend to think that because we have the best military, the most money, and the strongest defense organizations (nsa, ect) that we somehow have a natural advantage in cyber space.the world of cyber relations is dominated by offence. We have far more divided territory to defend than any other country. And not enough trained personnel to defend it. While we have yet to encounter a full scale Cyber war,we have been in some sense at war on a cyber-front since the early 2000’s. Chinese and Russian hackers have penetrated our most secured networks and gained access to some of our most precious secrets. They did this for the most part by clever social engineering and phishing attacks ...view middle of the document...

From a military standpoint 1,100 people are officially staffed with creating the tools and the policies to protect the networks of over 316 million Americans when a cyber-war occurs. When you take into account the volume off attacks that America has on its networks per year you realize that 1,100 people is just not enough. Us-cert received 48,562 reports of cyber-attacks on federal agencies in the year 2012. These attacks included sql injection, xss scripting, denial of service and many others. It is almost guaranteed that the number has grown since then. The fact of the matter is that when these numbers were reported we were not at war. In the event of a cyber war those numbers would only go higher and the list of types of attacks would also go higher. But understaffing isn’t our only problem our

One of the major beliefs of the military is discipline without it the American military would not be as effective as it is today.. in America the vulnerable Joel Brenner tells the story of “John smith” a fictitious corporal working for the 902nd military intelligence group. On his job John has access to the internet and 3 very high level systems. NIRPANET(the pentagons unclassified system), SIPRNET(the connection to the pentagon’s secret system), and JWICS(the pentagon’s top secret system). The systems are accessed via four different computers. The systems are supposed to be “air gapped” which means there is no way to move information electronically from one network to the other. John’s superior calls him via the SIPRNET requesting some information that john can only find on the internet. Instead of following policy, John decides to transfer the information using his newly bought flash drive. He puts the flash drive into the internet to download the information and then onto the SIRPANET to send it to his SO. What john doesn’t know is that the flash drive he is using has been poisoned with malware. Inserting the drive into the SIRPANET releases a virus that steals information and from that point on whenever john places the flash drive back onto the machine attached to the internet it sends some top secret information to the Russian military. While this is just a story used to illustrate the point that following policy is important it can also be used to show...

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