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Everyone has either been a bully or bullies acne in their lifetime. With new technology coming out bullying is moving to the internet. Cyber bullying is when a person uses technology or the internet to harm or harass other humans. There is a common age range that cyber bullying takes place in. Cyber bullying can be prevented. People who are cyber bullies later pay the consequences. There is a common social media in which cyber bullying takes the most peace in.
Cyber bullying is most common amongst teenagers. These teens are ages 13 to 17. Teen cyber bully using their smart phone, internet, text messaging, and calling. According to CNET, one third of all teens have admitted d to being involved in cyber bullying. The teen that usually cyber bully are in high school. They like to post embarrassing pictures online about someone. They also prefer to set off rumors about a specific individual or group. Teens are the most that cyber bully because they have more time to perform these sort of things.
There are many steps one can take to prevent cyber bullying. The first step to stop cyber bullying is to actually identify it. You can do this by looking for signs of harassment. This includes identifying hateful or threatening messages. This includes name-calling, firing embarrassing picture of you or the victim. Also look for humiliating messages that the cube bully is posting. You also need to know what an impersonator looks like. This is when a person takes someone else identity and makes fun of them. They can pretend to be that person and say humiliating stuff about them.
The second step to stop cyber bullying is to take action. You can do this by knowing the reason why the cyber bullying is offending you in the first place. This can be because you broke up with someone or you are better than them in any way. Talk or have another trusted person talk to them and tell them to stop posting humiliating stuff about you. This step will not work if you don't know who the cyber bully is. So you might have to respond to the cyber bully's attacks. Say offensful thing to the cyber bully that will hurt them. There are many things you can say to the bully. Sometimes responding hatefully to the person will only make it one. It depends on the car bully. So the victim is going to have to save the evidence. You can take a screen shot or a photo of the evidence. It is important that once you save this information to keep it in a safe place. It is also important to collect all threatening messages that the cyber bully has posted. You can also block the bully. This puts put an immediate end to the bully's thrusting messages. Plus they won't receive any access to humiliate you anymore. It is important to delete the person from all types of communication.
The third step to stop cyber bullying is to ask for other's help. It is important that you ask for help as soon as possible. The longer you wait the worse the problem...

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