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Cyber Warfare: Defending Against A New Form Of Terrorism

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Cyber warfare is a new type of terrorism is the United States. The United States National Security Team is responsible for handling computer warfare battles against hackers. The government should invest more money and resources in cyber warfare defense to protect our nation’s economy and infrastructure that is heavily dependent on technology.
Imminent Threat
The threat of a cyber-attack on our nation’s infrastructure is now viewed by the majority of American’s as an imminent and credible one that demands greater resources and spending. A survey revealed that 92 percent of Americans agree cyber-attacks pose a threat to public utilities, infrastructure and transportation and 60 ...view middle of the document...

The initial strategy for training within the government was to approach this new type of warfare as a physical one such as they do with the traditional domains of land, air, sea and space. The electronic devices used to communicate were thought of as physical manifestations of cyberspace (Refocusing cyber warfare thought, 2013).
More modern classifications of cyber warfare take into account the unique characters of cyberspace such as speed of attacks, the asymmetry of the offensive and defensive forces, and the difficulty in disarming an enemy’s ability to cyber-attack (Refocusing cyber warfare thought, 2013).
Cyber warfare needs to be classified uniquely as a war-fighting domain and approached differently than a traditional domain when composing policies and training guides (Refocusing cyber warfare thought, 2013).
Smarter Defense Spending
Spending has shifted from traditional physical land-fighting equipment in the defense budget to technological advancements including cyber defense research. Chuck Hagel, Defense Secretary for the Obama Administration announced the budget cuts to department of defense causing a debate between conservative Republicans over the security of our nation (Defense budget proposal prepares US for future challenges, 2014, p. 1).
The growth in military forces over the last decade has been a result of the wars in the Middle East but as we pull our troops out of the region the time has come to downsize our physical force to pre-war levels. While many argue this puts our nation in a vulnerable position, President Obama defends his decision as the best long-term strategy for the US economy (Defense budget proposal prepares US for future challenges, 2014, p. 1).
The budget includes smarter spending on special defenses and technical research. The department of defense will be directing a large portion of its spending into future challenges such as cyber warfare and drone attacks. “By adding new funding for research and development of cyber...

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