Cyberbullying Among Teens Essay

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Imagine being personally targeted and bullied by another individual constantly. Maybe never seriously injured but verbally abused in person and possibly online. The issue of cyberbullying can be quite pivotal in this new generation. Cyberbullying is a controversial matter that the world must address because of how it can occur anywhere at any time, causes harm to targeted people, and affects all associated parties.
Cyberbullying is online bullying, which has only been around for a short amount of time. For example, cyberbullying is when someone repeatedly targets you in a negative way using electronic media (Reece). This statement explains what cyberbullying is and how it is different than common bullying. Continuing on, cyberbullying is a young concept because it involves technology which expands a teen’s reach of what their harm can do (Hinduja). In addition, the use of technology is new in this day and age and it can be much worse, unlike face to face bullying, you cannot avoid cyberbullies (Reece). With normal bullying it is possible to walk away or ignore. When it comes to cyberbullying whether you ignore the hateful texts or bad posts, or you turn of your electronic device, the messages will still be waiting. Also, bullying and cyberbullying have many similarities. Online victims know their bullies in real life too (“Internet”). This explains the similarity of usual bullying and how this
will have the same effects. Next, a difference could also be cyberbulling does not happen at school, so there may be no teacher and no adult to tell (“Internet”). Cyberbullying could be as little as a text sent to a single person without anyone else knowing. Some people may be getting cyberbullied yet show no signs and others would be completely oblivious to the activity. This is why it is necessary to get help from an adult when confronted with a problem such as cyberbullying. This issue is a type of harassment that involves technology but is just as dangerous as anything comparable.
Cyberbullying is a problem that exists in all environments and can happen at any time to anyone. The United States happens to be the place where it occurs most often. For example, the number one state where the most cyberbullying occurs is California, followed by New York, and then Illinois (“Cyber/bullying Statistics”). Most of the highly populated states have a high rate of cyberbullies. In very busy cities there are more teenagers that are bullied about social class, friends, or looks. In addition, the amount of bullying taking place is solely online twenty five percent of teens have been repeatedly bullied through their phones or Internet (“Cyber/Bullying Statistics”). One quarter is due to the fact that not all teens have an electronic device, and without that it is not considered cyberbullying. This shows how bullying over the Internet is a worldwide problem causing harm on six continents and countless more countries. In some situations, like repetitive...

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