Cyberbullying Is A Serious Problem Essay

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Bullying has existed for generations. Bullying use to occur face- to –face; you knew who the bullies were and where they lived. Because of available technology, a bully can be totally anonymous on the internet. Technology advancements, internet and social networks have produced a new method of bullying called cyberbullyimg. Cyberbullying incidents have become widespread in the past few years. According to,” almost sixty percent of young people say that they have been cyberbullied before. Sixty-eight percent of teens agree that cyber bullying is a serious problem. Eighty-one percent of young people think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person” (11 Facts 2013). Cyberbullying is a serious problem with devastating consequences and we should be doing everything possible to control it.
Victims of cyberbullying can be harassed by different methods and by various behaviors. Cyberbullying occurs when a young person embarrasses, threatens, humiliates or torments another young person over the internet, cell phone or through text messages. Cyberbullies want their victims to feel bad about themselves. It is normally not a one- time occurrence but repeated many times (Cyber Bullying Statistics 2013). Social media networks such as Facebook and MySpace have proven to be a popular device in bullying on the internet.
Bullies will use various techniques to disguise what they are doing from outsiders. They will use codes, intentional misspellings, abbreviations and letter substitutions. Cyberbullies use different forms to bully. They send threatening emails, post pornographic images, start online fights, cyberstalk, pretend they are someone else, deceive people into revealing secrets, and spread rumors (Cyberbullying – What 2013). Spreading rumors is a popular method of cyberbullying. Anyone can fabricate a humiliating story about you and convince others that you did something terrible. You have no control over what anonymous people post about you.
Studies show that no particular group of teens is targeted by bullies. No single race or sex of a person appears to be preyed upon more than another. The Cyberbullying Research Center conducted surveys and they concluded the following findings (Cyber Bullying Statistics 2013):
• Girls are involved in cyberbullying more than boys.
• Because 80% of teens use cell phones, cell phones are the most common form of cyberbullying.
• Cyberbullying affects all races.
• Most victims have low self-esteem and a greater chance of contemplating suicide.
• One- half of young people have experienced some form of cyberbullying, and 10 to 20 percent experience it regularly.
• Boys are victims more than girls.
A survey conducted by the National Crime Prevention Council asked teens why they thought other teens cyberbullied. Eighty- one percent said they thought cyberbullies think it is funny. Other teens surveyed thought...

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