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Cyberbullying Is Worse Than Physical Bullying

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In movies you always see a kid getting picked on, usually at school. Not everyone knows that those are just movies that, in reality that’s never really the case, most of the time the most bullying you’ll ever see is two good friends nudging each other or, on the guys side, punching each other just for the fun of it. You walk down the hallways, and not very often you see a kid getting shoved around or getting yelled at by someone that actually means it. If you go on Twitter, Facebook, or any kind of social media website you will always see people fight or telling someone something that could really hurt them. People don’t think about how words can hurt someone, so they say stuff that they feel like saying, most of the time, it’s something that they would never say in person. Most people don’t think about what they say before they say it and how badly it can affect a person, no matter what age, gender, everyone will feel the hurt in words that you type and with one press of a button it can ruin someone. So, if you haven’t noticed yet, my paper is on how cyber bullying is worse than the actual thing.
Although it’s pretty obvious when you walk into a school and there’s no harm being done to any of the students, by anyone meaning it, there’s always people that will beg to differ. Some people think that actual bullying that you see in the hallway is worse than cyber bullying, like Amanda Lenhart quotes, “Overall both boys and girls say that kids their age are more likely to be harassed offline.” When asked teens, the majority of teens, 67% said that bullying and harassment happens more offline then online. Less than one and three teens (29%) said that they thought that bullying was more likely to happen online, and 3% thought it happens online and offline equally. Girls more than boys would say that bullying happens more online (33% of girls vs. 25% of boys), though overall, both boys and girls say that kids their age are more likely to be harassed offline. White teens are a bit more likely than African-American teens to think that bullying is more of a problem online -32% of white teens said that bullying happens more online, while 18% of African-Americans said the same. Teens who have been cyber bullied are more likely than their peers who have not been bullied to say that they believe bullying happens online more than offline. More than 7 out of 10 (71%) of teens who have no experience of bullying believe that it happens more offline, while 57% of teens who have been cyber bullied say bullying happens more offline.
Honestly, Teens who have online profiles are just as likely as those who do not to say that bullying happens more often offline. According to a recent study by the American Medical Association, almost 30% of American teenagers are involved in school bullying. They are either being bullied, are doing the bullying, or both. Over half, about 56%, all students have witnessed a bullying crime taken place at school. Also, 15% of all...

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