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Cyberbullying Isn’t Real Essay

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Is it really necessary to commit suicide over a couple pixelated insults? When I write my thesis statement, Cyberbullying is not as serious a problem in the U.S. as it is made out to be, especially because there are simple solutions. As Dr. Patti Agaston says, “Suicide is a complete and multi raced act that is the result of an affiliation of factors in any individual” (Magid 2). In all honesty, cyberbullying is a growing problem in the United States; however, when one person cyberbullies another, he or she looks for factors (vulnerabilities) in the victim. Cyberbullying is the act of using social media or some electronic device to harass another person.
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According to Sameer Hinduja, “Cyerberbullying has shot to the forefront of agendas in schools and local communities due to the intangible harm that victims suffer” (Hinduja 2). Cyberbullying is a serious deal in some grades. It really all varies from school to age. Hinduja also states that “A study of over 3,000 students, one researcher found that 38% of bully victims felt vengeful, 37% were angry, and 24% felt helpless.” Those that felt vengeful and angry most likely retaliated to the person that was bullying he or she; however, the 24% that felt helpless, may now be depressed, which may lead to suicide or an unstable mind.
According to Hinduja, “Relatively equal percentage of elementary, middle, and high school students felt frustrated and angry, while a notable larger proportion of elementary students felt sad as compared to other groups” (Hinduja 3). Ok, now this is bad… Elementary students? We’re talking about 6 to 10 year olds… first of all, they shouldn’t even be on social media. This is all messed up.
Part 3: Case Study
Rebecca Sedwick is a girl who from Miami, Florida who committed suicide because she was cyberbullied on social media. She later jumped off a cliff, leading to her death. This all occurred in November of 2013. The parents whose daughter admitted to bullying Rebecca and saying that she didn't care about Rebecca’s suicide, stated that their daughter was hacked (Paulson 2). The father of the girl who bullied Rebecca told the press that none of it was true (her daughter didn’t actually bully Rebecca) (Paulson 2). Now, if you ask me, this sounds illogical. She simply could have logged out of the social media which would allow her to still be here this day (I hope).

Part 4: Solution
Cyberbullying really isn’t a big deal when you really think about it; it’s just something that needs to be avoided. There’s really no other simple solution to this except to sign off of...

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