Cyberbullying Needs To Stop Now Essay

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Cyberbullying is an important issue and is underestimated it needs to be brought to light just how severe of an effect it has on teens. Not many realize what it does. Bullying that takes place in schools is much different than cyberbullying. Most of the time it is girls while boys tend to bully at school girls tend to cyber bully. Most students say it is easier to cyberbully than bully at school. “Somedays I am afraid to open my laptop or check my phone.” That was said by a teenage cyber bullying victim. Some people do not see the effect of this at all they do not understand. It was just a joke, it is not a big deal, and they just took it too hard. Are excuses to dismiss cyberbullying and ...view middle of the document...

Now imagine you are on the receiving end. Someone just made a rude comment, but you think nothing of it, just let it pass by and you keep scrolling though. But later when you get on to check on your social media you realize that now there are a bunch of people commenting on that post you just brushed off. Your messages are blowing up and you are upset now even your friends are getting taunted. One post has started this now you can never take down that post of anything said about it. Seriously think before you post anything if there is even potential to hurt someone do not post. Things will get out of hand before you even know what is going on.
There is so much more than just posting and texting to cyberbullying. “Sometimes it is difficult if not impossible to trace the source of an image or past and they can spread quickly and be anonymous.” ( ) Deleting these pictures or post even text messages can be very difficult to erase something after sending it out.Thank you internet for opening up all these ways to damage someone’s personal life. At times there is websites dedicated to bashing 1 student. While other times it is a bombardment of social media post. So many ways to cyberbully while the damage is so severe It does not matter to them what matters to the bullies is that they accomplish what they want. Which most of the time is entertainment.

When you ask a student about cyber bullying they think that they did something wrong. But in all reality 50% of cyberbullies just do it for fun. Only 20% actually do it to "teach them a lesson". This is shocking when you think about it and how much it will tear people down and they are doing it for fun. This teaching them a lesson is doing this to teen everywhere it is not at all healthy but it happens. What can we do about it how can we help stop this craziness? We have...

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