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Computers have improved a great deal from the time that they were invented to the present. They have even improved a great deal from year to year. This may be positive, but then again it has a negative effect on society. The use and advancement of technology has increased different types of crimes like the following; terrorism, black marketing, and theft crimes. It is also responsible for the success of their respective criminal assets.

These technologies related crimes are described by one word, which is cyber crime. According to Dan Koenig, cyber crime is a criminal offense that has been created or made possible by the advent of computer technology, or a traditional crime which has been transformed by the use of a computer. This word can also be broken down to two different concepts, which are computer crime and computer related crimes. According to Dan Koenig, “Computer crimes are the use of computers as primary instruments to facilitate the crime and target thereof, and computer related crimes involves the use of a computer to commit a crime and/or as a repository of evidence related to the crime.”

Computers and the advancement of technology help to create the possibility of a terrorist act. Anybody can get important information from the use of technology, so just imagine someone who is an expert on computers. He or she may get their hands on any type of secured information. If there are people who “see themselves as innocent victims who are condemned to a life that is not worth living and believe that killing or threatening to kill other innocent people is the only bargaining chip they have to improve their lot,”(Sid-Ahmed) they would be able to accomplish terrorist acts with the information they obtain. “Technology increases terrorism potency” (Sid-Ahmed). How is this possible? Sid-Ahmed gives an example of how one terrorist from Japan purchased ingredients through the internet to make a deadly gas that is not sold in the open market and was able to kill 12 people.

The advancement of technology causes more black-marketing because it helps create the products that are sold in the black market system. A couple of years ago there were no such thing as bootlegging songs and...

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