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Cyber Crime: Investigating High Technology Computer Crime Essay

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Cybercrime: Investigating High-Technology Computer Crime
Robert Moore’s Cybercrime: Investigating High-Technology Computer Crime is an informative text that supplies the reader with basic understandable knowledge of increasing cybercrimes and strategies that law enforcement are taking in order to catch cyber criminals. Moore’s work has a total of thirteen chapters that are full of information that help the reader better understand the different cybercrime threats such as, hacking, identity theft, child pornography, and financial fraud. Moore also goes into detail on different law enforcement tactics that help catch cyber criminals such as, the seizing of digital evidence, executing search warrants for digital evidence, computer forensics, and cybercriminology. Moore’s main goal is to help the reader grasp a better understanding of cybercrime that faces the world today. Through reading this book, I can validly say that Moore’s thorough work, perspectives, and examples helped me better understand high-technology computer crime and investigative strategies as well.
Throughout our class this semester we have learned about different types of ways that cyber criminals can invade someone’s privacy such as, hacking, phishing, and spamming. In addition we have also briefly discussed some major cyber-attacks. Moore’s work looks more closely at these features. Some of the important cybercrime topics that Moore covers are digital child pornography and the abuse of children in cyber space, online harassment and cyber stalking, and identity theft. In addition to these, it is important to also look at the strategies law enforcement must take to stop cyber criminals. Furthermore, some important law enforcement topics throughout the text are seizing of digital evidence, computer forensics, and cyber criminology. Even though all chapters are beneficial in learning more about cybercrime, these topics struck more of an interest because we hadn’t elaborately discussed them in class. Therefore, this report will cover these topics more closely and include references from Moore’s work.
Digital child pornography has become an increasingly all too familiar occurrence in the cyber world. Adults who are pedophiles prey the Internet looking for sites that exploit children in a sexual manner. These sexual predators seek a form of non-violent sexual contact with a child that degrades their integrity and human worth. Child pornography has become one of the most distinguished forms of crimes against children. Child pornography is believed to have come from China in the late 1400’s, but over the decades it has changed its meaning and ability to reach a broader audience because of the Internet. With the click of a button a pedophile can have access to many copies of child pornography and also swap and share it with others. Moore describes the phases of the grooming process that takes place with child pornography. These phases include the friendship, secrecy,...

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