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Cyber Security
It seems like everyone in today’s society has access to a computer, a cell phone, or some other type of technology that allows information to be passed from one person to another through space. With your private information out there in cyberspace, clever thieves are finding ways to access your personal informational and to steal from you without you even knowing about it until it is too late. The thieves are taking your personal data and using it to gain access to your accounts. In fact, there are many different ways thieves are threatening your safety in cyberspace. Each of these threats is serious in nature and one should act upon it immediately before more damage is ...view middle of the document...

Another type of cyber problems people have to deal with are spam mail, defamation, and internet stalking. Spam email is a plain nuisance because it is the same email over and over again such as chain letters or forms of solicitations. Defamation is when someone puts slanders information about a person out there on the internet, and cyber stalking is when some just uses chat rooms, and emails to engage in conversations that are not welcomed or to follow someone on the internet
With all these threats out there a person needs to understand how they can protect themselves and how fragile their computer really is. You can protect yourself and your computer with cybersecurity through the use of firewalls and virus protection programs. One must also regularly update their computer’s software protection program because new attacks are being created every day by predators, and an updated security plan could and will help you protect your entire system from threats and invaders. Passwords are yet another way to help protect your system and your personal information from leaking out to the world. By properly protecting your system your files and data can be safe from malevolent codes and hackers.
People know how to protect themselves physically, but how does that person in the 21century protect themselves in cyberspace? One cannot just call the police when they have a cyber problem or call a special unit called cyber police to come and help them. The protection of one’s computer/internet is not protected unless you personally protect it. Hackers are working around the clock to find ways into your life, so researchers are exploring ways to increase the field of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is an issue that is growing in the government, industries, and for personal use.
Researchers are looking at a variety of ways to increase cybersecurity in today’s world. One way to do this is by training individuals to stay ahead of the hackers. Students are being trained at universities in ways that stop or slow down threats to one’s computer. Grants are written so universities have the money to train students and in return new jobs are created to stop cyber threats. The trainee will engorge themselves into the underground world of hackers. Why? Because hackers have the temptation to brag and to share information they learn with other hackers, so the trainee will become one of them. Once the trainee understands the hacker’s ways of infiltrating computers, the trainee will find a way to prevent it or at least slow it down. How will this be done? Research is hoping to use the latest data-mining techniques to look through online...

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