Cybersecurity Gets Dumber Each Day Essay

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And so the redundant headlines emblazoned my screen "The accounts targeted reportedly included those of senior U.S. government officials as well as Chinese activists and journalists." There is nothing new or unique her however, I am now beginning to question the mind-state of politicians who would use GMail or any other free email service for any kind of sensitive or even mission critical US data. Is it just me or are some of these politicians missing some marbles?

Unless US government officials have been living under a rock, they might not have seen or heard about Sarah Palin's account being hacked [2], Weinergate [3], or those cloned RSA ID tokens [4]. It is becoming disgusting and I don't mean the security state of affairs but the fact that those in government should know better.

When it comes to the technical side of the arena, there is only so much that can be expected of non-tech-savvy individuals. Not many are aware of the attack vectors and this is understandable however, when it comes to mission critical, sensitive information, why are government officials using anything outside of vetted networks, connections, and or software. This is not only puzzling but borders on outright stupidity and negligence.

More puzzling is, not only the overall claim that "China's Government is Hacking" as that can be debunked [5]. While it is simple to point the finger at China, the reality is that, it is more complex to outright prove this because of the complexities involved with spoofing. Not to mention, every blackhat from here to Montezuma knows that China is the first choice to use when pivoting attacks. Better to attack from China as the likelihood of being caught is so low and with potential for escalation from a "cyber war" to full-fledged war on the horizon [6], I choose to question the United States' negligence on "getting hacked."

Imagine for a moment I live in a bad neighborhood. Knowing I live in this bad neighborhood, I see news reports warning me about potential break-ins and choose to...

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