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The Internet And Education Essay

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The Internet represents a network of computers that is globally connected transmitting information between locations with input from users. Since the advent of the Internet many innovations are and responsible for many innovations such as; social networking, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), eCommerce, access to news websites, social networking, and eLearning. Computer researchers predicted the Internet would become a dynamic catalyst for information transmissions around the globe. It has eliminated time constraints, and geographic distances. Today students are enrolled in colleges, vocational, primary and secondary schools from various geographic locations. A student who lives in India who is accepted at to? Oxford University can complete Internet coursework and graduate from a college thousands of miles away. The Internet has created learning without walls, and it is rapidly evolving, introducing applications that will enhance the educational experience. This sector has proven?there is competition among educational institutions. E-Learning provides an educational experience unlike the traditional classroom. This paper will focus on cybereducation for children.
Each year the number of users dramatically increases worldwide. There was a time that the US was a leader in Internet use. The US relies heavily on Internet networks. Financial markets, banking, insurance companies and the government of a few of the entities that use the Internet. The Internet is a global phenomenon that increases each year. It is a matter before another country will surpass another country. Internet usage has become a contest among nations to prove has the leading technology, vast network abilities many citizens become Internet savvy.

The top 5 countries that utilize the Internet are listed below :

1 China 298,000,000
2 USA 231,000,000
3 Japan 90,910,000
4 India 81,000,000
5 Brazil 64,948,000

Yearly, the Internet has a plethora of new applications available to use, it is always evolving to be more efficient, and innovative with highly developed networks (e.g. Internet phone including audio and visual capabilities, online chats, eLearning, social networking, email, audio, video streams. Lectures of classes are also available for users to view. It is a must for children of the 21st century to be comfortable, educated in technology, and tap into the Internet for many available resources. Youth under the age of 18 have the greatest presence on the Internet in the United States. Many surveys suggest that young users are blogging less with a substantial increase on social network websites. The percentage of teenagers on the Internet increased significantly in the US .
Teen Internet Usage

Use the internet or email
All teens 94%
Girls 95
Boys 93
12–14 92
15–17 96
Primary school presence?

Since the inception of online courses the sector has...

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