Cycle: Beginning And End By Juanita Guccione

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What lies beneath the chaos?

I was surrounded by many interesting works of art as I walked through the Lowes Art Museum. One painting captured my attention; it was by Juanita Guccione entitled, “Cycle: Beginning and End.” It evoked thought in me because of its complexity; images were placed within images. The colors in the piece complemented each other. As I stood there gazing at the painting, I could continually make out new images. I took a few steps forward to get a better sense of the painting’s detail. There I could see the intricacies of the colors, their combinations and the numerous brushstrokes flowing in various directions. I began to wonder how much time the artist spent on the painting and with all that time and effort, how much the painting meant to her upon its completion. Once I got home from the museum I decided to look at the picture again on the Internet. I was disappointed because I could no longer see the details as vividly as before. Seeing the picture as a small graphic takes away the essence of the painting by dulling its strong brush strokes and vibrant colors. As a whole it is still an amazing work of art that managed to keep me intrigued, even if displayed in a digital form. However, viewing the actual picture in person provides a much stronger lasting impression.
At first glance, I only noticed the colors and odd shapes, which compose the painting. I squinted my eyes to decipher the varying images as I pondered how Guccione intended the work to be viewed. Originally, I thought the images were arranged at random. However, upon second glance I could see a sky, an ocean, clouds and a setting sun in the background. There was also a guitar and a musical symbol. Three Greek columns and other architectural structures are also within the painting. The columns and the structure confused me, but I am eager to find out their meaning and purpose. From what I gather, the music and the columns represent the timelessness of music. Perhaps the structure is an opera house. The blues and greens in the painting give an illusive natural depiction of the ocean. It makes me feel as if I was close to the water. The pink is also a natural element; it represents the color of the placid sunset on the side of the whitewashed Greek buildings.
There is a vertical line (about two-thirds of the way across the painting) that distinctly separates the paintings’ colors. On the right side of the line the background is noticeably darker than the left hand side. It appears to represent night. A cloud is divided in half by the same line. On the left side of the line, the cloud’s outline is red; on the right side it is black. The treble clef symbol also changes color because of the same line. The left side is dark blue and the right side is green. This line displays the element of contrast. The sky is dark blue on the left as if it were evening, while the right side is black, resembling night. There are many other...

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