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And their effect on the built environment They are known as Hurricanes in the Caribbean, Typhoons in the China Sea, Cyclones in the Indian Ocean and most commonly called Tropical Cyclones. You can call them what you want but they all have one thing in common: they are extremely destructive when they hit cities and towns. A cyclone is a huge mass of air moving in a spiral with winds that can reach up to 250 km/h. A cyclone starts off in the sea where the winds are calm and the water temperature is at least 240. Warm air pushes upwards at a fast rate while cold air is sucked in below. The warm air gains moisture and starts producing thunderclouds. Spinning in a clockwise direction (anticlockwise in the Northern Hemisphere), the cyclone gradually picks up speed. Driven by the fast winds, the Cyclone can move at up to 50km/h. While all this is happening a distinct "eye" is forming in the centre of the Cyclone. This "eye" unlike the rest of the Cyclone is completely calm and is not windy at all. Cyclone Tracy was the most destructive cyclone recorded to hit Australia since white settlement in 1788 (the Bathurst Bay cyclones killed 300 people but didn't reach land). Cyclone Tracy hit the coastal city of Darwin on Christmas Day 1974. Although people had warning on New Year's Day about Cyclone Tracy, they were busy preparing for Christmas and thought that the cyclone would pass away just like Cyclone Selma had done three weeks before. Cyclone Tracy came roaring down the Arafura Sea (where most the cyclones develop in that area) and was...

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2623 words - 10 pages Tropical cyclones (TCs) are of the most extreme and dangerous weather phenomena on Earth. In the United States, landfalling TCs account for an average of $10 billion damages annually (Pielke et al. 2008). Hurricane Katrina (2005) alone caused $81 billion of damages and took more than 1,800 lives away. In developing countries, TC landfalls can be extremely detrimental. For example, Cyclone Nargis (2008) took more than 130,000 lives in Myanmer

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1339 words - 5 pages Natural Hazards affecting Australian Communities Cyclones Geography   Tables of contents- Contents of page Page number Title 1 Table of contents 2 Q1, Q2, Q3 3 Q4, Q5 4 Q6 5 Bibliography 6 Stimulus material 7 Stimulus material 8   Natural hazards affecting Australian communities- Cyclones Q1.identify the type of natural hazard you have selected. The natural hazard that I have selected

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1145 words - 5 pages ° N and 30° S**, while “cyclone” means cyclonic nature of the storm system with blowing anticlockwise in the Northern hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern hemisphere, which the fixed and opposite direction can be explained by the Coriolis effect**. Coriolis effect explains the cyclones in Northern hemisphere moves to the North, simply because of the acceleration imparted by the Earth’s rotation, causing the portion towards the poles of the

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815 words - 3 pages didn't evacuate or prepare for a Cyclone because in the past there had been to many false alarms. The lesson in the end was to never ignore Cyclone Alarms, because they highly unpredictable, of when and where they appear and what path they decide to take. One major issue even if they had listened to the Cyclone Alarm there was poor evacuation and response guild lines in place. Darwin has learnt that they need to always be prepared for Cyclones since

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743 words - 3 pages hail. When these rain drops reach high levels they freeze, forming hail stones. These hail stones then grow steadily in size as they are carried up and down by strong currents of air. Hail stones larger than tennis balls have been recorded in Australia. Hail can also occur when a cyclone forms. Cyclones are formed near the equator. The sun heats the sea, and some water evaporates. Clouds build up, and a low pressure

Title: How is Mauritius (island in the Indian Ocean) likely to be affected by climate change? Questions: What is climate change? In which fields is Mauritius affected?

939 words - 4 pages they are to help the person stay healthy enough to reduce the risks of being greatly affected by these diseases. While other countries experience freezing cold, heavy snows, floods, droughts and forceful winds, we too have experienced our fair share of radical weather disbalances from heavy rains to sweltering heats. One major change is about the cyclones. They are more frequent in Mauritius and more destructive. Though they bring a lot of rain


1406 words - 6 pages Missing Works Cited INTRODUCTION The term “hurricane” is a name given to violent storms that originate over the tropical or subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, or North Pacific Ocean. Hurricanes need warm tropical oceans, moisture and light winds above them in order to maintain themselves active. Those storms other than the ones considered typhoons are known as tropical cyclones, which is the general name

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635 words - 3 pages unsettling people rushing in to help them. The way to save people and property from abrupt tropical cyclones, in the near and medium-term, is to get them out of harm's way-- in the days before landfall to the extent that's possible; and, even better, by not putting them there in the first place. Helping one another is like helping God. Helping isn’t for anything, but just for caring and for making each other feel like somebody still cares if one


580 words - 2 pages . Tropical cyclones develop and roam the tropical and subtropical oceans during the summer. In the interior of continents, thunderstorms are most likely to produce hail during the afternoon and evening. Schools have a summer break to take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days. The wet season occurs during summer across the tropics and subtropics. Where the wet season is associated with a seasonal shift in the prevailing winds, it is

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886 words - 4 pages frequency of winter storms in the United States. Many of the states have been hit hard with frequent blizzards that have precipitation measurements of 1-2 feet per storm. According The Guardian News Agency, “A team from Texas, California and Washington state has found that pollution from Asia, much of it arising in China, is leading to more intense cyclones, increased precipitation and more warm air in the mid-Pacific moving towards the north

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688 words - 3 pages atmospheric pressureWind strength and direction- shown using lines with small barbs or tails. Winds are named after the direction they come from.Cold Front- Separates warm and cold air, with the cold air behind the frontWarm front- Separates warm and cold air, with the warm air behind the frontCyclonesTropical cyclones are intense low pressure systems that form over tropical waters. They are usually accompanied by gale-force winds and torrential

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843 words - 3 pages Cyclones in Mauritius Cyclones in Mauritius While the south-east trade wind blows the whole year through and actually is a harmless and even pleasant event, in case of the cyclones the situation gets serious. They are also winds that are originated by the strong sun radiation, but they are tremendously more fiercely and destructive. Cyclones are originated during the months January up to March, when the sun is already returning from the

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1688 words - 7 pages Describe the geographical processes associated with the natural hazard:Tropical cyclones may affect four Australian states. The two most commonly affected states are Queensland and Western Australia. The Northern Territory is affected by cyclones very occasionally. New South Wales on very rare occasions may feel the affects of a cyclone. The majority of Australian cyclones form off the NW coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean, or off the NE

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1006 words - 4 pages anticyclone. In the southern hemisphere these wind directions are reversed. Cyclones are commonly called lows and anticyclones highs. The term cyclone has often been more loosely applied to a storm and disturbance attending such pressure systems, particularly the violent tropical hurricane and the typhoon, which center on areas of unusually low pressure.Hurricane, name applied to migratory tropical cyclones that originate over oceans in certain

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801 words - 3 pages A tropical cyclone is a particular type of lowpressure system. It is called a hurricane in theUnited States and a typhoon in Asia. Tropicalcyclones are areas of warm, moist air risingrapidly. The upward ¯ow of air is de¯ected by theCoriolis effect (winds de¯ected by the Earth'srotation), creating a rotation around a centralcore, known as the `eye'. Tropical cyclones areoften accompanied by very strong winds (gusts ofover 300