Cyrano Plays Deceit To Win Love

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In Edmond Rostand’s play Cyrano De Bergerac, characters discuss about poetry, writings, eloquence, war, bravery and love. The main character, Cyrano is a noble man. People love him because he fearlessly shows his eloquence at the Hotel de Bourgogne Theatre one day. Since that day, everyone loves to hear his poetry and words he has to say. He is excellent in words and admired by many people. Throughout the play, Cyrano struggles with his large nose that became a stumbling block to embrace true love. Although he is homely, he should have taken the risk in telling Roxane about his love so she will not fall in love with Christian.
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However, Christian is tired of playing games; he wants to be true to himself and he wants to step up to express his love without Cyrano’s help. Christian says
No! I said. I am weary of committing to memory my letter, my speeches… Weary of playing a part… weary of trembling lest I fail! All good and well in the beginning! But now I feel that she really loves me! Many thanks, I fear nothing now. I’ll speak unprompted. (113)
Although he tries so hard to say a word, he fails and makes Roxane disappointed. After all, Roxane is more in love with his soul that made by Cyrano than his charm. After amending the damage in the balcony scene when Cyrano is taking in charge of the speech, Roxane is becoming more passionate towards Christian that makes her deceive Guiche and the Monk. After being deceived, the Monk conducts the wedding.
Guiche discovers Roxane’s deception and sends Christian to the battle field right after the wedding. Roxane’s presence in the battle field makes Christian realize that she loves his soul that his physical beauty. As Roxane says “You have, in short, yourself outshone yourself, and now I love you for your soul alone” (173). Cyrano gives her love letters every day during his absence. Every letter makes her love Christian unconditionally that she does not even care even he is hideous, the love that belongs to Cyrano and not Christian. Christian understands that it is not the kind of love that he wants but Cyrano deserves Roxanes love. He is gentleman enough to give up and let Cyrano tell the truth. Christian says “ Would you have me destroy your happiness because of my good looks? That would be too unjust!” (177). Unfortunately, Christian’s death did not bring out the truth of Cyrano’s...

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