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Cystic Hygrom Is A Water Containing Tumor

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Lymphatic malformations are rare masses consisting of fluid-filled spaces that are caused by abnormal development of the lymphatic system. This malformations are usually found by birth or by the age of 2-years-old. These malformations can affect any part of the body except for the brain. The most common area is that head or neck. When they are found in a fetus, at birth the masses are usually spongy, soft, and non-tender masses. Some malformations can be massive but regardless of size they can be potentially causes danger to near by structures or organisms and disfigurement of the area affected by the mass. Cystic Hygroma is a lymphatic malformation that can be cause by Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, Trisomy 18, and Noonan syndrome (WebMD).
Cystic Hygroma (CH), Hygroma meaning water-containing tumor, was first discovered in 1843. It is also known as Cystic Lymphangioma, which is also known as a macro-cystic lymphatic malformation. Cystic Hygroma is a large fluid-filled are that can effect any lymphatic area such as, the neck, axilla (underarm), and groin area. Only 20% of CH occurs in the axilla. It is also rare for CH to occur at limbs, chest wall, cheek, and over the shoulder and deltoid (Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery). This disease is rare and is only found in 1% of pregnancies, which is about 1 per 16,000 live births (Medscape). This disease is also almost always detected by the 20th week, the first trimester, of pregnancy (Prenatal Ultrasound Findings-Cystic Hygroma). CH is also reported to have no racal predominance but African Americans have not seemed to get CH as much as other races. It also no sex predominance and sex distribution is equal. Most CH’s are evident by birth, and most is presented by age 2. Some CH can be present at birth, but may have not fully manifested at that time (Medscape).
Cystic Hygroma occurs when the baby’s lymph system is not developing right. The lymphatic system functions as a part of the immune system. It helps protect the body against infections and diseases. I consists of lymph vessels that transport lymph. When the lymphatic system doesn’t develop correctly it causes fluid to build up in lymph sacs. Lymph is a clear fluid that makes up part of the blood. Lymph contains protein, fats, and lymphocytes, otherwise known as white blood cells, and accumulates between tissue cells (WebMD). When a small amount of lymph seeps out of the blood and into the body cells the lymph system helps put fluid back into the blood. Lymph...

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