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Czar Nicholas Ii Essay

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Nicholas II, a man who compared to the powerful Joseph Stalin, seemed kinder and gentler in his degree of harshness. Although Nicholas II was a kinder hearted man, he was inexperienced in his role as czar. This caused him to fail as a czar, and consequently have himself and his family killed.
Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov, most commonly known as Czar Nicholas II, was born in Pushkin, Russia on May 18, 1869. Nicholas was the first-born child of Maria Feodorvovan, his mother. His mother “provided a nurturing family environment during Nicholas II’s upbringing.” Despite the fact that he was very fond of his mother, his father, Alexander Aleksandrovich, was his strongest influence. His ...view middle of the document...

At this ceremony thousands of people were stampeded to death, while Nicholas II and the queen unaware. His negligence made a poor first impression upon his new subjects. ("Nicholas II." 2)
Early in Nicholas II’s rule, his decision is to maintain Europe’s status instead of conquer a new territory was changed. In the 1890s, Russia experienced economic growth, which allowed for Russia to expand its industries into the Far East. The expansion of the large businesses and incorporations led to building a railroad that connects Russia to the Pacific coast. ("Nicholas II." 3) This seemed to threaten Japan and led them to attack in 1904. ("Nicholas II (1868-1918).". 1)The Russian army was forced to surrender Port Arthur, the port in which they were occupying, the December of that year. Later that summer peace negotiations are placed with Japan. ("Nicholas II." 3)
In the winter of 1905, Father George Gapon, a Russian priest, led a large but calm group of workers into St. Petersburg. Nicholas’ army fires at the protestors and kills hundreds of people. This changes Nicholas II’s appeal on “working conditions, pay, and amount of time working.” ("Nicholas II (1868-1918).". 1) This changes Nicholas II’s appeal on working conditions, pay, and amount of time working. This day is later to be remembered as “Bloody Sunday.” Whenever “Bloody Sunday” becomes known it ignites the 1905 Russian Revolution. Protests and disobedience spread throughout the country, the Russian army, and navy. ("Nicholas II." 3)
When World War I is beginning, Russia’s armies are fighting awfully. Nicholas II makes himself commander-in-chief, to try and get a hold of the situation, without advice from his ministers. Since he is busy controlling the army, empress Alix becomes more and more dependent on a monk named Rasputin, who influences her very much on her political views in the home. Embarrassed by Nicholas’ actions, his ministers decide to secede in brisk...

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