My Journey To Become A Child Psychologist

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Growing up without my dad always within the household was a struggle I did not ask for. He would be with us for a year or two, then leave for a while, but oddly swore that he could buy my love by dangling a dollar sign over my head whenever he’d return. Through my life experiences, I have acquired knowledge through experiences, rather than lectures.

In the beginning, my dad was in and out, but oddly, he never noticed it. He swore that he was in our life because he'd pay my mom a couple of dollars once a month. Since I was never one for money, a dollar bill could never replace a hug before bed, or a shoulder to cry on. As I grew older, my parents stopped talking, and my dad stopped sending us money, that was when I began to realize the true value of a dollar. With only my mom's income coming into the household, we began to fall short on bills. We moved into the projects in Riviera, and though it wasn’t the best of place to call “home,” we still had a place to lay our head, and that was good enough. Once my dad stopped giving us money, we barely saw my mom. She'd worked multiple shifts, and late hours in the night, leaving me and my baby sister (5 and 3) with my older sisters (13 and 15). We had to learn early how to fend on our own.

We lived in fear. There were nights the cars were repossessed, fridge was empty, and the lights and water were off. My sisters went off to college, and around the same time, we had just lost our house because bills began to pile up. We lived out of our car for a while, before the three of us (Me, my mom and little sister) moved into one of my aunts bedrooms. We stayed in there for maybe 6 months just so my mom could help keep money in her pocket. I hated it, but there was not much that could be done. For my mom to have to tell us "I'm sorry but I...

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