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FROM 13:00 TO 13:59
Colonel Rudder at Pointe du Hoc receives the answer to his message of 12:00:
"No reinforcements available. All the Rangers landed at Omaha."
General O. Bradley receives a message from Omaha Beach:
"Troops here blocked on the ground at Easy Red. Advancing through the cliffs overlooking Easy Green and Easy Red, reinforcements are arriving and the injured being evacuated."
The Wn 72 strongpoint in Dog Green sector is under control of the US soldiers. This fortification protected the D1 exit and enable Allies to access Vierville-sur-Mer from Omaha Beach.
Company B of the 1st Suffolk Regiment landed on Sword Beach controls the Morris strongpoint at Colleville-sur-Orne. The Morris battery contained 3 105 mm guns. Sixty-seven Germans are captured.
The 101st Airborne meets US 4th Infantry Division at Pouppeville.
First air raid on the city of Caen starts. Seventy-three B-24 of the 2nd Bombardment Division drop 156 tons of bombs over the town.
General Omar Bradley receives from Omaha Beach following report:
"Troops previously stopped on Easy Red, Easy Green and Red Fox beaches, make progress on hills behind the beaches.”
British soldiers from Gold Beach are moving south-west towards Bayeux.
The Canadians from Juno Beach advance in the direction of Caen. Big loss of armor carrying landing crafts left them with only 6 out of 40 tanks.
1st Special Service Brigade Commando meets 6th Airborne Division at “Pegasus Bridge”.
The German 352nd Division informs the 7th army headquarters that they have pushed the Allied landing back into the sea on Omaha beach.
The German 726th grenadier regiment reports that they regain the control over Colleville-sur-Mer.
The German resistance at Dog Green, Easy Green, Easy Red and White Red Omaha Beach sectors has stopped.

FROM 14:00 TO 14:59
The German defenders on Pointe du Hoc from the 84th infantry regiment abandon the western strongpoint.
Fights take place on Periers Ridge, Sword Beach.
Hitler holds his first meeting regarding the invasion.
The last German defenders abandon their positions on Omaha Beach. The objective is now to set a solid beachhead for further advance.
The whole Canadian 3rd Division is now ashore on Juno Beach. They quickly advance inland and join with Gold Beach to the west.
The German 21st Panzer Division counter-attacks and reaches Lion- sur-Mer but with no infantry support they need to retreat.
USS destroyer Harding hits the church of Vierville-sur-Mer where German artillery observers should be hidden.
The Staffordshire Yeomanry tanks liberate the town of Periers, south of Sword Beach.
The USS Barton sends a rescue boat to transport the wounded rangers at Pointe due Hoc. The German fire barrage will prevent it to get close enough.
The strategic fortification Wn62 on Omaha Beach falls and only few German soldiers manage to escape. Situated in Easy Red sector, this strongpoint protected the beach exit E3. Now US soldiers...

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