Daddy, Where'd Ya Get Those Scars?

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This one might be a bit of a tearjerker. A little father bonding moment after a day of hunting together. There is no time jump, and Jasper is still 9 years old. Enjoy.


It was summertime in Georgia, and the humidity was stifling, giving the air a thick, heavy feeling. The sweet scent of honeysuckles lingered in the air and the sound of cicadas and crickets could be heard chirping nearby. There, in the middle of it all, was a father and son, lazily basking in the sultry July weather.

Earlier that day they had decided to go hunting, but the trip had quickly ended, as they had not had any luck in finding any game, except for a few squirrels and rabbits. They had been hoping for a deer.

After taking a quick dip in the pond they had come across, they had sat down upon the pier, allowing the sun to dry their wet skin. Before he was allowed in the water though, Daddy had scoured the area, deeming it free of walkers. Never taking risks.

Jasper Dixon looked over at his father sitting beside him shirtless on the pier. He had his boots off and he was gently running his bare feet through the crisp, cool water, his crossbow sitting faithfully at his side. The thick white scars on his back standing out as the blazing hot sun glared down upon them.

He could remember when he was smaller, Daddy would always let him climb all over his ruined back, he still let him do that, and he had always wondered what had happened to him? What had made all those scars?

Jasper pulled his feet up out of the water, and raised his knees up to his chest. "Daddy, where'd ya get those scars?"

Daryl quit moving his feet and froze. He looked over at Jasper and sighed. He'd been expecting this question for years now, but how did you explain to a 9 year old, that your old man had liked to beat the hell out of you just for fun? That he tortured you mercilessly because he had been blown out of his mind, on pills and liquor? How could Jasper even begin to understand something like that, when his own father had not so much as laid a hand on him?

Daryl turned his head back around towards the pond, staring intently into its deep dark depths. "Me and ya uncle Merle...our daddy wasn't too kind ta us." He raised his feet up out of the water and...

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