Dagbaramga Shows How The Pressure Of Society Is Pressuring Nyasha's Binary Oppositions? Ycis/ Year 11 Essay

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Name: Michal J
Class: 11B
Teacher: Ms Khan
Question: Dagbaramga shows how the pressure of society is pressuring Nyasha's binary oppositions?
Points and evidence 
1. (Fight with Babamukuru) On page  116 she is called a 'whore' by her father  
2. (After fight with Babamukuru) On page 119 "you cant go on all the time being whatever's necessary... once you get used to it ...it just seems natural...You're trapped."
3. (Nyasha Anorexic) Page 175 "It's difficult when everything's taken care of. Even the way you think."
Dangarembga portrays how the pressure of society is pressuring Nyasha’s binary oppositions by using Bildungsroman, which is when a narrator (Tambu) is looking back on their life. Dangarembga uses the character of Nyasha to explore ideas about the effect of race and gender pressure on young women.
During the fight with her father Nyasha is called a “Whore” (page 116). This insult gives her an impression of being useless, almost like a piece of meat. These words put more pressure on her and her education. She wants to be seen as more than just a slave to the white male. Furthermore, she creates a barrier around herself. She thinks about failing her next test so that her father would seem like a failure. Nyasha manages to pass the test anyway even though she tried to fail it. The author is trying to show that even though Nyasha was trying to prove a point, she is too intelligent and diligent to be able to fail.
After the fight with Babamukuru, Nyasha is in the same room as Tambu. She has gotten used to the lifestyle that was forced upon her, the one she will live for the rest of her life “you cant go on all the time being whatever's necessary... once you get used to it ...it just seems natural...You're trapped.”(page 119) With the words “whatever’s necessary” Dangarembga wants to show that Nyasha has to be whatever the society wants/needs her to be. In this society the subject matter are white males. This is...

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