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• Sunday, 03/23/2014: Play soccer game early morning for Cardio, Take my multivitamins/multi-minerals, and had herbal tea with honey after dinner.
• Monday, 03/24/2014: Rode my bicycle 3 miles to school, took vitamins, a cup of milk in the morning and about one and half cup of fruit salad.
• Tuesday, 03/25/2014: Had my daily vitamins, workout at the gym after school (chest and triceps) and also had a cup of herbal tea at night.
• Wednesday, 03/26/2014: Took vitamin supplements in the morning, I made sure I had fruits and vegetables in my diet, and drunk a lot of water to stay hydrated.
• Thursday, 03/27/2014: Workout at the gym (Back and Biceps), took vitamins and herbal tea with honey at ...view middle of the document...

• Saturday, 04/05/2014: Bike 10 miles in the morning, took vitamins, went to church to observe the Sabbath and pray for protection.
• Sunday, 04/06/2014: Played soccer in the morning, took multi-vitamins and mineral supplements and had a good rest for the week ahead.
• Monday, 04/07/2014: Hot tea in the morning, I had about 8 glasses of water, took vitamins and workout in the evening.
• Tuesday, 04/08/2014: A cup of fruit juice fortified with calcium in the morning, bike to school, took my vitamins and visit the gym in the evening.
• Wednesday, 04/09/2014: Had multi-vitamins, gurgled with warm salt solution to reverse my sore throat and made sure I had enough rest in the evening.
• Thursday, 04/10/2014: Ate fresh fruits and veggies, took my vitamins, rode my bike to school and had enough glass of water to keep me hydrated.
• Friday, 04/11/2014: I had a cup of milk with honey, walked four miles in the evening.
• Saturday, 04/12/2014: Observed the Sabbath and worship at church, took multi-vitamins and mineral supplements and also drink warm water with honey and lemon.
• Sunday, 04/13/2014: Drink a lot of water, played a pick-up game with family and took my vitamins.
• Monday, 04/14/2014: Visit the gym after school and took my...

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