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Daimler Chrysler's Market Strategy Essay

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Introduction: Daimler and Chrysler which have recently merged to form the company Daimler Chrysler resulted in the company becoming the fifth largest auto maker in the world with an estimated annual revenue of $130 billion. This merger resulted in a workforce of 421, 000 employees worldwide.Mission: Our companies share a common culture and mission. We are both clearly focused on serving the customers by building world class cars and trucks. Task Environment: Competitors, customers, strategic allies, suppliers, and regulators.COMPETITORS: Due to its product diversity, Daimler Chrysler faces strong competition from all car manufacturers. Daimler Chrysler's scope varies from small passenger cars through luxury cars to vans and trucks. However, Daimler Chrysler's strongest competitors are GM, Ford Motor Company, Toyota, and Volkswagen because they are the leading car manufacturers in the world respectively.CUSTOMERS: Due to its scope, Daimler Chrysler enjoys a wide variety of customers ranging from the working class up to the upper class. Daimler Chrysler also targets the young and sporty people with its sports utility vehicles. The luxury models target the elderly and richer population.SUPPLIERS: Daimler Chrysler's suppliers include electronics, plastics, rubber for tires and steel.ALLIES: Daimler Chrysler's allies are tire manufacturers, which include Bridgestone, Michelin, and Dunlop.REGULATORS: They are environmentalist groups such as Green Peace and others that place Daimler Chrysler under pressure to reduce pollution in the air by reducing CO, CO2 emissions by cars. Governmental agencies also regulate Daimler Chrysler in that it requires Daimler Chrysler to reduce pollution and increase safety features in the cars' design such as side impact beams, air bags, three point seat belts in rear seats and safety features that accommodate young children.TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT: BenzINTRODUCTION: Benz is the biggest industrial firm in Germany. They feature mostly simple passenger cars to luxury cars. In order to stay number one, they must practice TQM.TQM: Benz concentrates on car quality, stability, reliability, safety, high performance and luxury. All these combined result in an effective program of TQM. Benz must constantly emphasize that its cars are stable and...

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