Daimler Chrysler Marketing Environment And How It Markets The Smart Car

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1.EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis report was set up to analyse the macro and micro-environment of car manufacturer DaimlerChrysler, present a SWOT analyses and analyse how the company markets its Smart city coupé brand. It was found that after the merge of German Daimler-Benz AG and American Chrysler , DaimlerChrysler is currently "number three" automaker in the world. It has a reputation of high quality and performance. Competitors with a bigger market share are General motors and Ford motors and with less- Honda and Toyota. DaimlerChrysler is a leader in technological innovations and has an excellent distribution network. DaimlerChrysler's strategic objectives are global presence, brand ...view middle of the document...

DaimlerChrysler must strive to achieve fully satisfied customers, unique portfolio, constant growth and globalization.2.INTRODUCTION:On 7 May 1998, two of the world's leading car manufacturers, the American Chrysler Corporation and the German Daimler-Benz AG announced the largest industrial merger in history. The major reason behind the merger was future segment and geographical expansion, as well as sharing of resources. Today, Daimler Chrysler is fifth worldwide in automotive production and third on a financial level. The company has some of the most valuable brands in the automotive history, including Maybach, Mercedes- Benz, Smart, Jeep, Chrysler, Setra, as well as commercial vehicle brands like Freightliner, Sterling and Western star. The company's total revenues for 2003 are around EUR138 billion. With 365, 600 employees worldwide, it has global known brands and shareholder base.Daimler Chrysler is competing in a rapidly changing industry, trying to adjust to the new global economy and competition. Today's automobile industry has become highly competitive and global. Consumers are becoming more educated and demand more quality. The industry is implementing new systems every year, suppliers are competing on high performance to provide dealers and manufacturers with a competitive advantage in gaining customer satisfaction. Highly advanced navigator systems are developed to improve car safety, performance and durability.The youngest car in Daimler Chrysler's portfolio is the MCC Smart (Micro Compact Car). It was established in April 1994 by the Mercedes and Swatch association. The name SMART is a combination of Swatch, Mercedes and art. Smart is a premium small car manufacturer, part of Daimler Chrysler's Mercedes Car Group. It has around 2,000 employees with 122,300 cars sold in 2002 with total profit of EUR1.1bilion.Daimler Chrysler has a global workforce and brands, as well as the most advanced technology and broad product range. This report will analyse the present situation in the market and has the following objectives:-To analyse the macro and micro-environment in which the company operates.- To examine the company's marketing mix and present a SWOT analyses.-Another aim of the report is to analyse how DaimlerChrysler markets its new brand- The Smart car.Method: The basic information of this report is taken from Ch.4 of Kotler (2002). Concepts and factual information was collected from websites and lecture notes.Limitations: The information sources used in the report may be outdated and don't provide detailed and full information on the company Daimler Chrysler.Assumptions: Daimler Benz and Chrysler Corporation are still manufacturing in partnership.This report starts by an executive summary, followed by an introduction, Interpretation and analyses section,and finishes with conclusions and recommendations in a SWOT framework.3. ANALYSES AND INTERPRETATIONThis part of the report describes the environmental forces in which Daimler...

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