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Dairy Industry Essay

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Examinations shows that in the province of Illam, Bushehr, Chaahaar Mahaal-o-Bakhtiari, Southern Khorasan, Northern Khorasan, Zanjan, Semnan, Kurdistan, Lorestan, Hamedan and Yazd and the region of Jiroft and Kahnooj, processing capacities are lower than the amount of raw milk production. Therefore, development of the industry in these provinces is recommended. Challenges facing the industry are as follows:
• high prime costs (high costs before processing, which account for about 70% of costs)
• Instability in the price of raw milk (due to interference of the government in determining the market price of, the price experience high fluctuations)
• Dispersion of production centers and for that ...view middle of the document...

Below Table indicates per capita consumption from 1387 to 1391:

According to the results of above table, it is seen that per capita milk consumption although has had an increasing trend in recent years, its growth rate has been decreasing. This is because of production difficulties and sharp increase in prices of these goods in recent years.

4-The Price:

Chart 3 shows seasonal trend of growth rate of milk price over the last five years. Considering the trend indicated in Chart 3, the price of the product has enjoyed a relative stability, but due to 500 billion toomaan cut in the subsidy of this sector in 1390, the growth rate of milk price has sharply increased, in such a way that the rise in the price result in 22% reduction in per capita consumption.

5- Trade Status:

The amount of exports over the last years has been increasing, and with a 23% increase in comparison with the previous year, reached from 365 to 451 million dollars in 1391. The Chart shows that export trend has always been increasing.

It is worth mentioning that about 85% of the exported dairy products are exported to Iraq.

On the Chart 4, major export products of Iran are indicated. Regarding the given information, it is seen that the share of dairy products that their corruptability are less than milk, is higher.

Investigation of trend of imported dairy products also indicates that it has been increasing during the time.

About 46% of imports of Iran are taken place from United Arab Emirates. Chart 5 shows major countries from which Iran imports dairy products. Sharp increase in imports in 1391 was due to the cut in milk subsidies in 1390.

In Table 6, combination of imported products from different countries to Iran has been presented:

6- conclusion:

Results of this research are as follows:
• Because of their characteristics of corruptible and necessity, milk and dairy products production is highly dispersed.
• Production performance of raw milk during the last has had a decreasing but positive growth trend. This is due to the increase in production costs and...

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